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Issue On Platform Graphics And Images Of Online Selling: Basis Of Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

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Communication is the way to connect to our family, friends and to someone that close from us. The time goes by, technology comes in this generation because of this we can attach to someone even though we are far from them. It can be see each other by using of video call over the Internet. The presence of Internet is in our hands that helps us to access an information free. This is not the only of exchanging an information but also there’s a lot of things that people want to do in using the Internet like watching videos in YouTube, searching information in Google like news, ideas, and etcetera, posting your opinions or feelings in social media, but most of all the people can buy through internet, this is the online shopping like Amazon, eBay, Lazada, Shoppee and many sites the same with this. E-commerce, the impressive invented of human being, where people having a chance to buy of a product with no need to go outside instead to stay at home.

E-commerce is buying and selling automatically over internet there’s many models provided. It can be B2B or Business to Business is automobile manufactured sold to automobile companies, B2C or Business to Customer examples are company of Amazon and Lazada. C2C or customer to customer company example of this is eBay. In 1982 “Mintel is a videotext online service accessible by telephone lines” it is use for online purchases, reservation for tickets fair, checking stock price and searching a telephone directory. It is considered a successful yet pre www (World Wide Web) online service. Year of 1984 Tesco Store was the first online selling for shoppers. In 1991, the Internet is become commercialised that people noticed the existed of e-commerce. Amazon started selling books through online in 1995 and by 2001 amazon promote a mobile service.

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In huge market of online selling even though a person is too busy they can buy by using of online. There’s no wasting time to commute for different markets to find the customers need, and to avoid enthusiastic salesman reason why to change the mood of customers, and save time to stand in line to pay at the counter. Online selling really change the natural buying of consumers and this is for the good sake. But the world of online selling is not just a rose, despite the online selling company do what are the needs as maintenance. At the same time, the development of internet for fast accessibility. In fact, according to University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) communication policy (2001) online shopping is third place for most popular using by Internet, Email and Web browsing in the world, more than 627 million shopper including the German and British shopper, by reservation of airline tickets, cloths, footwear and video games or electronic device products was popular or trend in the market. Many customers contented of what they are buying from online because of lack of time to buy personal in physical store. It enjoyed to use the goods instead for nothing. Online shopping is one of hassle free and easy process of buying a product, by using of computer, laptop and mobile phone with Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity) or cellular data that can connect in online store so the consumers have an ability to buy something into online shops. But before, everyone goes to market for buying a product in physical store or market. But now consumers can buy wherever they are and whatever they want. The online shopping website through photos, graphics and images post, the consumers choose of what variety of products he or she would buy it could be a furniture, clothes, gadgets, jewellery or accessories, personal things like perfume and whitening products and home appliances. Harris (2002) online selling start previous years ago and the time comes developed. Many people afraid to buy an item against online shops because there are someone do trickster “identical theft” or stolen the money of customers through credit card number.

The online selling is a process that’s where the consumer looking and buying a product through Internet. The online shop, e-tailing, e-store is successor of personal purchase of products and services to brick-and-mortar retailers or physical store. With rapid growth of wisdom in businesses, sale even ordinary person has entered into the world of online shop or online store, based on the information of researchers, in this generation not only trend new item can sell but also an old item or slightly used but not abuse commodities, many places was established a business that selling used products called “garage sale” or selling personal things that ended up by using it, but that products is still can be use of the buyers. And because most of Filipinos being practical, so many of them makes and entering in this trade, they choose the things from jewellery and gadgets including clothes or anything but that products is still have a value and quality like a car, all of this is used items but it still long lasting used whose buyer purchase it. By using their account in Facebook, it taking up some pictures with different angle in good condition then posting it. In this method e-commerce called C2C or customer to customer. Online selling system, change the life of Filipinos, many store in the Philippines where the consumers can bid or forgive a discount. For example, his purchase bulky products for lower price and its free to bid the price, sometimes there’s a BOGO strategy means buy one get one.

On online shopping generally the prices was fixed and at the same time there using BOGO strategy the same with in physical store but it depends on the product the buyers purchase, sometimes there’s a strategy that if the consumers purchase around of 1000 pesos and above it will be free shipping fee. The reality is the shopper of online has no chance to bid for that products instead of they stick to the online promotion unless the product was no promo and discount they will be purchased the product in the original price.

For instances modern people is so extensive for the decision making of which product they would buy, they are comparing from the prices, quality, quantity and the value of the products, how much more in the online shopping, its only visualize, the shopper cannot touch, inspect the quality, the size if tis fit to them and the texture or materials used of the product, at the same time the basis of costumers in online shopping is what description indicated into the product like the price, the material used, sizes length and width, shipment date, how’s the payment transaction and the information provided of what customers need. It’s only a graphics and picture the basis of the customer to judge, if its product is good or not.

The people of the Philippines are using the Internet for somewhat matter, in global market some of Filipinos still persist in traditional way, go to malls, market, bazaar or “Tiangge” in Filipino culture they spent a long time before purchase the product because before they come up in the destination they need to travel or commute. Philippines is 5th place among the fatal traffic in the Philippine Daily inquirer. Filipino’s one opponents is traffic because it eats their time a lot that can affect in their plan and perform that time into important thing, instead of relax they feel spiteful because of this situation.

According to PayPal and Ipsos firms they are conducted a consumer research for digital payments, the expectations of Filipinos this year and beyond that they can do more in online shopping. The survey involved 1, 006 participants comes from the Philippines belongs to 31 countries there’s 34, 000 consumers. In the year of 2017 was P92. 5 billion spent by Filipino shoppers through online and it can be increase by the next year of 2018 in the amount of P122 billion, it increased 32% from the total percentage for the year of 2017. And it can be climb up to P185 billion by the year of 2020 according to the report. Philippines stated that was the third highest among 7 countries in Asia Pacific making a purchase through smartphone process according to the survey. Philippines is one of the growing e-commerce that estimated rise up to P38. 4 billion in 2017 and estimated to grow up for the amount of P55. 7 billion by 2018. There’s a top 3 reasons why Filipino’s think that they do more on online shopping. 82% said that because of the convenience they would get, the platform they will get in multiple online shopping 52% and they expect too fast transaction and delivery order rating of 45%.

The highest percentage is shopping goods as clothing, footwear and accessories having the dominant record of 68% among all category. Second place, followed by gadget products as consumer electronics, computer, tablets, mobile phones and peripherals bought by 57% consumers on online selling. Third place, followed by cosmetics and beauty products with percentage of 56% by the shoppers purchasing this product. The survey of fashion and consumer technology are top purchase categories for cross-border shopping was conducted in the past 12 months.

According to the report, online shopper spent for basic needs or necessities, 26% of shoppers spent in both for groceries, food and drinks & alcohol and for household goods reported through online shopping, twenty-four percent spent by the shoppers through online the products for baby and children’s supply.

PayPal study reveals more Filipinos are now shopping online. Meanwhile, according to the survey transportation cost is number one of the reason that engage in expenses of shipping in the percentage of thirty-three percent. While the tax or custom duties cited 31% and 28% the difficulty of exchange and returning of items. The result of the survey by Filipino participants, citizen of the Philippines engaged in online shopping by using of application or website in online shopping company around of fifty-eight percent, while 13% shopping online by using an application or website outside in the Philippines, total of 17% using an application and website of shopping online in marketplace and lastly twelve percent, shopping online via social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. April 16 and 27 2018 they interviewed online.

Quality, one of the numerous problem on purchases through online this is having a guarantee or security in terms of the quality of product that customer purchased. The thorough analysis of product is not enough to decide if the product is legit especially it’s only to visual image in other words there’s no insurance for the quality of the product in this field of market. The seller having an intention to fool their customer for “sales increased”. This is the main mistake or sub-par, product selling online because many product or there’s more product releases today.

As a consumer or customer it is natural to seek the products they need and want, in transaction like buying through online, especially in this generation many online shopping company exist and offer a new item that is difficult to find in any store, so it’s better to know of other online selling online what is the need or wants of the shoppers to provide it for them. There are buyers living far from commercialised or civilized area, it may be this buyer required to commute basis that cause for additional charges. There are some cases because of the far from the online shops the delivery item or shipping item become costly because of additional charges of transportation fee. Some reason is, no fellow shipping on that area to deliver or to ship the item. Online shopping company said that it cannot deliver the single item because of long distance and too much expense the delivery shipping. In the case of buyers some of them, they are presume if what situation of the seller, most of them first time to buy on online shopping. There are some buyers try to buy in online shop company because they don’t even know where to find they needs. One example of this, is to establish a business that it’s hard to find the equipment, no seller for that equipment near in their place. The other buyers they are attract into the graphics or images they saw in online selling website. Buyers only intangible recognises the quality of the product on the image if is good even the prices is accurate. Customers attract too in the description offered by the seller like terms and condition, the shipment fee, days of delivery in rural and urban area especially the cheaper price of the product and good quality. Some of customers expect the convenience and comfortable they will get on online shopping. They got the satisfaction, but the question is, this is only perception or base on their experience or it is a fact, and what of online selling company need to do to distinguish the needs and wants to much improve and enhanced the customer satisfaction.

This study flows to the needs and wants of consumers that can innovate because of the technology in this generation. And anchored of such theories and ideas to support the observation that need to tackle for the basis of costumers satisfaction that need to maintain as much as possible to enhance. Once the customer reach the satisfactory level from the past the customer he or she need much or next satisfactory level. Stephens (2002) Maslow’s defining work was the development of the hierarchy of needs. Maslow supposed that human beings aspire to become self-actualizing. He viewed human potential as a vastly underestimated and an unexplained territory.

This theory of Maslow shows the stepping stone that needs of man, when the man reach the first stage of ladder the man step up to the next stage, subjected to satisfaction achieved. In this observation the needs of man can transform into simplest way, people can get the needs by innovate using of internet, this is not necessarily means that the former is unsatisfied but to enhanced the satisfactory needed. The technological innovation is modified the system of living. It invented to sustain the desires of the human. Doctor philosopher as stated by LaMorte (2018) Diffusion of Innovation (DOI) Theory, developed by E. M. Rogers in 1962. Innovation is adoption of new ideas, behavior, or product. Person does something differently than what they had previously (i. e. , purchase or use a new product, acquire and perform a new behavior, etc. ). The key to adoption is that the person must perceive the idea, behavior, or product as new or innovative. It is through this that diffusion is possible. Researchers have found that people who adopt an innovation early have different characteristics than people who adopt an innovation later. When promoting an innovation to a target population, it is important to understand the characteristics of the target population that will help or hinder adoption of the innovation. There are five established adopter categories, and while the majority of the general population tends to fall in the middle categories, it is still necessary to understand the characteristics of the target population. When promoting an innovation, there are different strategies used to appeal to the different adopter categories.

The stages which a person adopts an innovation, and whereby diffusion is accomplished, include awareness of the need for an innovation, decision to adopt (or reject) the innovation, initial use of the innovation to test it, and continued use of the innovation. There are five main factors that influence adoption of an innovation, and each of these factors is at play to a different extent in the five adopter categories. (1) Relative Advantage is the degree to which an innovation is seen as better than the idea, program, or product it replaces. (2) Compatibility is the consistent the innovation is with the values, experiences, and needs of the potential adopters. (3) Complexity is how difficult the innovation is to understand and/or use. (4) Triability is the extent to which the innovation can be tested or experimented with before a commitment to adopt is made. (5) Observability the extent to which the innovation provides tangible results.

Media System Dependency Theory is a media dependency relationship in which the Satisfaction of needs or the attainment of goals by individuals is contingent upon the resources of the other party. According to Loges and Ball-Rokeach (1993), Media System Dependency Theory suggests that in today’s society individuals have to rely on media information resources in order to attain their various goals. In our world of today, people are so much attached to the convenient accessibility of technology. Information resources include all media products. Within the online shopping context, the consumers’ perceived benefits are the sum of online shopping advantages or satisfactions that meet their needs or wants. After a few successful transactions, a consumer starts to feel safe with the service provider or supplier. When consumers trust a company, they know that this company is able to fulfill their needs and wants and eventually, they become committed to the company. Individual media dependency (IMD) or the micro level of Media System Dependency Theory occurs when the accomplishment of personal goals is contingent upon the acquisition of information resources that are controlled by media.


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