Issues and Challenges Among Youth Entrepreneurs in Malaysia


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The article that I choose is written by Rikinorhakis Ridzwan, Anis Amira Abdul Rahman and Nik Maheran Nik Muhammad which represented of the University of Malaysia at Kelantan Kota Bharu, Malaysia. This article is published on the March of 2017. In short, this article is about the authors’ studies on the issues and challenges among the Young Entrepreneurs in Malaysia.

Young generation especially youth constitutes a large segment, which is 43 percent of the total population in Malaysia. Therefore the authors stated that nowadays the youth had become one the important assets for many countries in sustaining the country’s economy. This is because in the article itself it clearly stated that the involvement of young entrepreneurs has increase by 30 per cent from the total of 2.6 million entrepreneurs in 2014. Besides, from the article I can see that the authors have state that in Malaysia youth is classified of those aged between 15 to 40 years. From the authors’ perspectives at this ages they are qualify to be the entrepreneurs based on the authors’ studies which around that ages the youth are able to have mature thinking, open-minded and also have high competitiveness. Plus, the authors believes that the involvement of the youth in the entrepreneurship industries has becoming the hot topic of discussion among the policy makers, educators or researchers throughout the developing countries and not to exclude the Malaysia itself.

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In addition, the authors provide insight on why youth needs to be an entrepreneurs rather than having a job. This is because the authors found out that the main challenges that youth would faced is difficult to get a suitable job after they are completing the education. This is due to the existence of growing competition and limited employment opportunities in today Malaysia. Hence, the authors also allows us to know that good entrepreneur should have the characteristics such as personality, socio-cultural, diversity of business activities as well as a strong will to develop their business among the young entrepreneurs. Recently, some entrepreneurial researchers have found out that a career as an entrepreneur is a career that often chosen by the younger generation because this career is indeed gives a good income. Moreover, the authors also emphasizes on the support of Malaysian Government by encouraging the entrepreneurship program among the youth as they are willingly to provide the youth with the initial capital to a venture and in the same time the take some initiatives by launching a suitable program to create the youth interest in the entrepreneurship program at the young age in order to tell the youth the importance of involvement in entrepreneurship for their career development. 

Furthermore, the authors not to forget to focus on the keywords of this current study in order to explore and investigate what and how youth orchestrate the abundance of resources available and how the contacts or the networking help the youth have a business success while facing the difficulties as the youth entrepreneurs. 

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