Issues of Femininity in Rupi Kaur’s Poetry

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As the poets do, poetry has an important role and function in society. Different from the ordinary people, the poets are people with a higher perception and imagination with profound insight. Poets have greater capacity to receive sense impressions about it to express his powerful feelings. A poet is an imaginative, creative artist who is able to express things in a beautiful and romantic way. And the beauties they create express and tell different story with different aspects. Some tell the story about love, , some tell the story about life, etc. Poets also use poem to develop the messages that they wish the public know and understand. Poets give themselves and their thoughts to the public through poems, and wishing people will accept their poems. Furthermore, poems allow examine themselves through the experiences that poets put in. Poetry’s fundamental value is to communicate profoundly significant truths regarding life and logic to human society. And the main purpose and task of poets’ creation-poetry, is to illuminate people with regards to universal logic and “deeper” truths that make up the profoundness and meaning of their own lives. The message of poems about life and logic may be applied to our daily life. Poetry teaches people the lessons on how to live a more meaningful and better life.

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Rupi Kaur, a young poet who writes poems about love, sex and womanhood in the book “Milk and Honey”. Kaur woves her experiences and thoughts with beautiful use of language. From this book, readers bear witness to both the beautiful and the brutal sides of being a woman in their daily experience. The poem collection is divided into four sections—the hurting, the loving, the breaking, and the healing. Each dealing with a different kind of experience and pain that she had experienced. In the section-hurting, Kaur explores a topic on education of woman’s body, and how by punishing it makes herself realize that she is not always in control of her body. The section loving is about falling in love with a man is also falling in love with yourself. In the breaking, through her uses of words, readers could physically feel the torment, the pain of falling out of love, and the desperation of clinging to something you know is already gone. The healing, this chapter is full of hope, solidarity, forgiveness, and self-love.

Kaur writes about survival and how essential survival is in the face of violence, rape, love, loss, and femininity. She uses subtle nuance and grace to touch on tough subjects. Her poems are short yet succinct, often they are written in a kind of staccato, and for most of the time they are no more than a few lines. Her poems feel genuine but deliver sharp truths in each poem and evoke strong emotions. Through these stages that she had experience in her life, she makes people examine themselves, examine their relationships and prevent the meaningless harms, she evokes people’s empathy, let people know that they are not the only one who’s been harmed, and get back up in life with a better mind.

As mentioned in earlier, Kaur turns her experience and life into poetic words, and shares them to the public, especially the women. One of the example will be “ it is ok to sell what is between a woman’s legs more than it is ok to mention its inner work// the recreational use of this body is seen as beautiful while its nature is seen as ugly” from “Milk and Honey”. Recently, Kaur posted a picture on Instagram of herself facing the wall and laying on the bed with menstrual blood leaking through her pants. The site took down the photo but then apologize for trying to censor her right after she wrote a letter to reprimand their action. Through her poems, she wants all women to know that they won’t be defined merely by their oppression. She woves femininity, strength, power and wisdom together. (She shuns the societal judgments about how women should behave and dress themselves in certain ways, then celebrates the nature beauty of all women. Kaur’s poetry, she motivates women to love, to stand up strong and independent, and to support one another.

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