Issues with Health Care in the United States

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Education, technology, space and healthcare are the main criteria that need to improve nowadays. However, the health cost in Houston is really expensive because of the great consumers of medical technology and diagnostic imaging. Numerous individuals are not able to afford their health care.

Nowadays, people all over the country facing barriers such as a lack of money, time, knowledge, and support which keep them from accessing the health and wellness resources that they need. Rising health care cost is an issue several governments have tried to eradicate in Houston. However, things do not seem to change. Notably, health care costs, especially for the average families, are rising. This issue increasingly increases the burden to most citizens. As the cost of health care continues to increase or rise, so does the cost of living.

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Many people have suffered deaths due to lacking insurance. The decreasing in the quality of health services provided to patients who could not afford the insurance or cheap insurance with less coverage. That is the reason leading cause why some people only receive half of the services. The rate of people would die will significantly increase if this issue is not resolve. The cause of poor medical health care but also doctors and physicians do not get there required payment which make them uninterested in doing their jobs efficiently which effects the health of the patients.

Today, there are still many different problems going on that should be solved. Not having health insurance is the biggest health threat that we face in Texas, including Houston. They always waiting until a health problem occurs before seeking insurance. People also make mistake when it comes to choosing health plans, often because they don’t understand their options. However, there is still ways to reduce healthcare costs such as take care of health, lower the number of medical tests, know costs before going, use the health insurance benefits, save money on medicines and choose a right health plan.

Health care is one of the most important benefits to a persons’ life. There are so many things affecting the health of people all around the world, both positive and negative. Negative impact is lacking insurance could cause death because uninsured people receive less medical care and less timely care. However, health care is still meant to provide medical care for people who really need it. Overall, it is also a part of every person’s life to ensure that they continue to live a long eventless life.

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