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Italian Cuisine Essay

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Cuisine in Italy is one of the biggest reasons to visit this country. Reason enough to travel again from the heights of the Alps to the boot’s toe in search of the delicious specialties of Italian cuisine (Piras). Italian cuisine has many fans around the world, and this is not surprising, because in addition to the taste qualities, it is different and useful. According to Italian food essay, the Italian cuisine can be called one of the most useful in the world, because in the preparation of dishes there are just products of high quality. The smell of Italian cuisine cannot be confused with any other (Gauchat). It is filled with the spirit of the warm sea, the aroma of herbs and the taste of the fruit.

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Cooking in Italy was built into the rank of art in the era of restoration. Florentine merchants then spent huge sums by setting up secondary schools of culinary arts. When Medici, married the French King Henry II, she took with her an Italian chef. Since this marriage, there was no French cuisine at all. Just with the help of an Italian one, it began to develop.

The history of Italian cuisine dates back to the 4th century BC. Italian cuisine is a mixture of culinary traditions that many empires and tribes left behind. During the 8th century, Arabs brought the number of fruits and spices found its way back to Italy (Capatti 90). Methods of preserving, storing ice cream and sorbet preparations were purchased from the Saracen empires. The Northern Italian cuisine saw the influence of the Arabs while the kitchen of the south of the Italia saw a sign of Mediterranean cuisine. The early modern era of Italian cuisine is a gourmet cake, pies and, of course, pizza. Modern Italian cuisine is much more developed and much less complex than an earlier age. It uses a lot of fruit, vegetables, sauces, and meat that are available. However, the distinction between Northern Italian cuisine and Southern Italian cuisine is still apparent.

The climate of Italy has been reflected in the culinary traditions of its regions. The main differences exist between the kitchen of the north and the south of the country. It can be said that these are entirely different cuisines. So, in the north of Italy, the main products are meat, milk and dairy products. This region is famous for its famous recipes of soups, lasagna, cheese and ice cream. In the South, people prefer seafood: fish, lobsters, shrimps, etc. This region is rich in vegetables and fruits, which became the main ingredients of many salads, sauces, and various desserts. Swordfish and tuna are caught off the coast and used in many regional recipes that include tomatoes, olives, capers from Pantelleria, lemons and another citrus. (Academia Barilla).

Italy is famous for its cheeses: mozzarella, gorgonzola, and naturally all known parmesan. Cheese, grated or torn into small pieces, is considered to be an integral part of the Italian dish that unites all the ingredients and attaches a unique flavor to it. One more Italian peculiarity is tomato sauce, salsa di Pomodoro. Olive oil is an essential ingredient of Italian cuisine, and it is better to use only the most high-quality one (Capatti 102). Mostly, the olive oil obtained by the cold method of squeezing olives is unsurpassed for salads and pasta, and it is a commonplace to make a simple meal.

The first victims of Italian cuisine were the Frenchmen due to the influence on the kitchen borders with France in northern Italy. The United States has replenished the universal jar of fast food with the fastest Italian dishes, pizza, traditional Italian dish. Nowadays, among the ingredients of pizza, besides irreplaceable cheese and tomatoes, it is allowed to put smoked ham, various types of sausages, mushrooms, sausages, artichokes, mussels, garlic, onions, etc. However, you should not go for pizza at restaurants, for this, there are special pizzerias.

Pasta and rice are also popular among Italians. Italy there are more than a hundred types of macaroni products, which differ in their composition, color, form, and manufacturing technology (Capatti 33). Each pasta has its sauce. The most popular species are spaghetti, fettuccine, lasagna, and cannelloni. There are also exotic pasta types which occurred in modern cuisine. These include coffee paste with orange and chicken, curry paste, spaghetti with vodka and caviar, etc. Meanwhile, the rice does not have so many species, but when it is served with fish or other seafood, no Italian can refuse eating it.

In the same line with well-known Italian pasta, lasagna, pizza it is worth mentioning risotto. Risotto is a creamy consistency dish consisting of rice, which is added to mushrooms, vegetables, meat, and seafood. The dish is cooked with rice, its main feature is consistency. Rice grains gain viscosity; they are not crumbly, like in soup, but not viscous, like porridges. Grains found in the bread and pasta, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes all contain fiber that helps promote healthy digestion stabilizes blood sugar and reduces bad blood cholesterol levels (Artisan Kitchen).

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