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Hello again to my beloved readers! One of the most awaited celebration of my very existence is coming! It’s that time of the year where I reach another milestone! We all know the saying that “age is just a number”, but it’s never too late or too early to do something you truly want. It’s been a while since I started fulfilling the dreams that I once had. As time goes by, we may think that there’s no more room for more, but that’s where we are wrong. There are a lot of good things coming our way that will make us dream bigger.

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It’s been a while but all of you are still here, supporting me and inspiring me to continue with what I’m doing. It’s overwhelming to know that the people who supports me is continually growing. This just means, that I am on the right track, and I will keep on doing the good things I have done and will make sure that I will continue to be an inspiration to all of you. I am humbled and grateful for all the support you guys are giving me. It is a great pleasure to give back to all of you, in my own little ways.

In line with this, my Disney Princess Themed birthday party is happening this coming September 16, 2018 (Saturday)! This party is a way of thanking all of my supporters and followers. As promised last year, during my Unicorn Themed Birthday celebration, details of this year’s party will come from your desired suggestions. All of you casted your votes for my birthday’s theme, and Disney Princess theme won. You guys also voted what costume I will be wearing on that special occasion, and fortunately, Belle of Beauty and the beast made its way to the top. That elegant ballgown will make me look like a real princess on my special day. This event really excites me because, it was always my dream to become a princess, even for a day. You can also wear your own costumes (optional), it would be a lot of fun if you show up in your costumes as well. This event was made possible by all of you and some of my sponsors. Wacoal, one of the products that was featured on my blogs earlier this year, will be sponsoring the event’s giveaways, so it’s something we can look forward to. I have already sent out the invitations, and I hope to see everyone on that special day!

Since I have already mentioned giving back the love you all gave me, I’m excited to announce the winners from my Bali, Indonesia Trip. The two winners won the stylish handcrafted bag from Bali. Congratulations to (insert name here) and (insert name here)! I hope you liked the bags I sent you and thank you for supporting me!

Speaking of goodies to be given away, we do have more items up for grabs. I will be having another trip back to Bali, Indonesia, so more bags and other Indonesian products will be coming your way. We also have upcoming travel plans, I’ll make sure that there will be more pasalubong to be given away from every place that I visit. We’re only getting started and we still have more to come, so you guys just stay tuned for your chances to be one of the future winners of our pasalubong! Also, there will be random goody giveaways that will be posted on my blogs, Instagram account, and Facebook page. I hope that you’re still with me when I start giving back to all of you who supported my journey right from the beginning, especially when it comes to live giveaways on my page!

All of these is to thank you all for the love and support you showed and will continue to be a part of my life as a mommy blogger! This will not be possible without you guys! Above all of these I am most grateful to God for continually giving me the chance to inspire everyone and for the abundant and healthy year!

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