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It's Not an Easy Role to Be a Patriot

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The most important character is Benjamin Martin. His purpose in the film was to fight in order to defend his family, honor his nation, and defeat the British. You can definitely say that The Patriot is a “coming of age” movie, because in the beginning Benjamin does not want to fight.

After being a French Indian War veteran and brutally torturing and hurting Indians, he doesn’t want to go back to that dark past or anything related to it. Nonetheless, then he realizes that while he has no other better option, he should go to war to also protect Gabriel, defend his family, his nation, and get revenge at the British for before. Other important characters, however, are also Tavington and Gabriel. Tavington serves as the movie’s main antagonist. He is cruel, brutal, and violent, sometimes even too violent. He continuously is on the hunt to find out who the “ghost attacker” was (we as the audience knows it was Benjamin). Tavington is ruthless and will kill anyone who stands in his way. His point in the story is to play the role as Benjamin’s biggest hindrance, and obstacle in the way to success. He makes Martin’s journey way harder, his mission being to defeat the Americans, and also impress his General Charles Cornwallis. Another important character is Gabriel, Martin’s eldest son. Although he dies before the end of the film, Gabriel is a very brave young boy who has a clear mind in what he wants to do and achieve. In the story, he fights to honor his nation. It is evident how Gabriel is passionate about what he is doing, to the point of even ignoring his dad’s disapproval, and joining the Continental Army either way. Describe the most significant scene in the film.

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Why was it important?The most significant scene in the film was when Benjamin Martin finally kills Tavington. It was important because it represents how after a lot of attempts (the “ghost” attack and multiple confrontations), Martin did his ultimate best to defend his country. It is truly the scene that honors Benjamin Martin as a real “Patriot”; he risks his life, and is on the verge of dying, all for his country, but then retaliates and ends up killing the enemy. After wounding Benjamin and almost beheading him, Tavington was overconfident, thinking that he had successfully defeated Benjamin. He did not expect to be the victim and end up dying. What did you like most and least about the movie? What I liked the most about the movie was when Benjamin, Samuel, and Nathan ambush the British in a surprise attack in the forest. This happens after Tavington burns down Martin’s home and Thomas dies in his father’s arms. Martin is infuriated and as a result quickly and ruthlessly kills of all the soldiers present in this attack. I specifically liked this scene because it shows Martin’s ruthless past coming back to him, especially when he uses his tomahawk to kill one of the soldiers.

My least favorite part about the movie was the beginning.I felt it to be a little bit unclear and confusing. Right off the bat, I was a little bit lost because I did not know a lot about the American Revolutionary War, so I wasn’t understanding what was going on. What did you learn from viewing the film and its place in World History?By viewing this film, I learned how the American Revolution was a long, strenuous journey, well fought by both parties, but very well deserved by the Americans. Its place in World History is one of extreme importances it symbolizes America’s freedom, and ultimately leads to a downfall in Britain’s economy. But, Britain was soon able to recuperate, and free, independent America grew to be the powerhouse of the world in the areas of economy, politics, among others.


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