It’s Time to Dust Off Your Fancy Dresses and Rent Them Out at Uprent!

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In a world that has become all about good looks and fashion statements, it’s hard to find the perfect dress for your special event. As the name and company motto suggests UpRenting is all about renting fashion. The purpose of the website is to provide users with a platform where they can rent out their fancy dresses and earn a nice amount of pocket cash and other users get a less expensive wardrobe choice. They can rent designer wear for lower prices.

It is a unique platform that makes lenders and borrowers meet so that they can communicate and negotiate prices.

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Rent out your fancy dresses!

The website has a specific design that instantly gives you the entire detail of a dress by just look at the shortcut. Each add is displayed with a picture of the dress, retail price and rental price to show how much the users can save by simply renting the dress. There are categories that specifically let you view wedding dresses, semi formals, party dresses, and even costumes. These dresses are only a one-day thing, which is why UpRent is so unique. These expensive dresses are a waste of money and many people don’t wear the dress twice or never have an occasion for it. Many people regret spending so much money on designer wear that never gets to see another function all year round, so this is one way to earn back the money spent. UpRenting allows you to negotiate, set up a time span, settle prices and borrow according to your preferences, all of this is done at a cheap cost. So here’s a great bargain.


Now, here’s are a few causes of concerns for most lenders and borrowers. On the behalf of lenders, the areas that most worries them is whether the dresses will be returned back in one piece or not? Well, luckily UpRent has made it compulsory for every user to verify their accounts using their national identity card. In case of loss and damage, the individual can be held accountable. Other than that the main cause for concern that a borrower shows is whether they’ll get the exact same product as seen in the pictures. Sometimes pictures deceive the eyes and in reality, the product is way different than what you need, well, there’s a solution to that too. You can request to see the product before making any payments. Payments are held in escrows, apart from that consumers are well aware of the payment procedures due to local payment procedures. All payments require a security deposit and advance payment. This ensures the safety of the deal. It ensures buyer’s willing to pay and reassures both the parties. The payment is released once the deal is finalized and carried out. In the end, users are given a rating and review option for better customer services in the future.

The website has made it easy for many women and even men, who are torn between what to wear and where to get it from. No more expensive dresses and no more confusion on what to wear. They have enlightened an innovation in the field of e-commerce in Pakistan. It’s a pretty great idea for some extra cash and we can’t wait to try it out! If you’re ready to sign up here’s the original website link. Be sure to check it out.

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