Ivanka Trump’s Speech About Sexual Harassment: Real Concern Or Father’s Promotion

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The article is about Ivanka Trump’s speech confronting sexual harassment at work and the position of women in the business world.

Japans Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who is very committed to integrating women into the labor market, invited Ivanka Trump to hold a speech at a conference on women’s advancement. Ivanka points out, that women aren’t treated with respect at their workplaces and that also many women are sexually harassed. Furthermore, she is of the opinion, that employers should be more aware of the fact that there should be a balance between work and family. The Prime Minster supports her view, under Abe government, as more women have joined the labor force, but the majority of female workers hold part-time or non-regular jobs, while most working men have full-time jobs. The integration of women into the labor market is a very important aspect in his policy as he thinks, that women will reform the business world, because of their different points of view.

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There have to be some changes in the labor market, so that women can fit in and are able to reconcile their work with their family life and their motherhood better. Despite the increase in the percentage of woman in workplaces, the business world is shaped by men, because mothers are expected to stay home to provide fulltime care of children. This results woman leaving their jobs or reduce ambitions due to lack of affordable care for children or relatives who can help. That is why it is crucial calling for innovative ways to make it easier for women to enjoy motherhood without compromising their careers and to be part of the labor market.

Ivanka’s support for women and against sexual harassment at work seems moral, but it should be mentioned, that her father Donald Trump has been accused of sexual harassment. Donald Trump has triggered various controversies during his election campaign, because of misogynist comments. Ivanka’s commitment to sexual harassed women came at a time when her father was being condemned by the whole world because of his inappropriate behaviour. Some asked him to resign from office and there should also be an investigation on behalf of the sexual harassment accusations. If you keep the background of Ivanka’s speech in mind, it is questionable if her commitment is founded in ethical or moral reasons or whether it was only an attempt to enhance her father’s image.

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