Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of New Zealand Vs Kolinda Grabar-kitarovic, the President of Croatia

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The Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Arden is really a great communicator who has got an exceptional talent for expressing and communicating her views on politics. Jacinda Arden who has done a bachelor of communication studies in politics and public relations is also an effective public speaker. She has a lively and engaging way of communication while responding to the public which ensures that she is a one to be trusted who knows the power of brevity.

Jacinda Arden is a pleasant, powerful, energetic, composed, eloquent and someone who has control on words and who has got an amazing precious political component called “vibe” whenever she is engaged with the public. Often I personally feel that people misunderstand her point while she communicates with the people. Upon clear understanding I strongly feel that she thinks about the wellbeing of the New Zealanders on all aspects of life and that is one of the important characteristic of a nation’s leader.

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She is intelligent and she clearly knows what she needs and intends to convey. Also she has got this undeniable charisma and a knack for communication with public media who makes people believe that she is trust worthy. She has an assertive way of communication in which she clearly expresses her thoughts, feelings and views of the politics in New Zealand by firmly advocating for the rights of New Zealanders without violating the rights of non-New Zealanders thereby respecting everyone on the whole. She has good control on her words and communicates clearly, appropriately and respectfully. I can definitely say from her speeches and interviews that she has a strong command and clear tone in her voice. While communicating with the public she has a relaxed body posture and a good eye contact with the public which proves that she is confident and it also shows that she is good in connecting with people which is important for a good leader.

From the articles across websites it is clearly described that Jacinda was pleasant, thoughtful, and peaceful in the family and someone who was positive even when she was in her teenage. Good instincts of Jacinda have led her to be the best Prime Minister of a peaceful amazing country. She is always organized, well prepared and cautious about the wellbeing, health and safety of the people who are around her which shows that she will make this country peaceful and a better place to live.

I made a clear comparison between 2 leaders of different countries. I compared jacinda ardern, the prime minister of new Zealand with Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, the President of Croatia. In a clear comparison between the leaders I found that they possess certain extraordinary similar communication styles and views on politics. Kolinda is a leader who has a clear and strong vision for her country, Croatia. She has bubbly, outgoing and down to earth character which is an important part in order to connect with people and win their hearts. she has a strong control over her words which enabled her to lead a country which was suffering from recession, economic and political crisis. With just 3 years in office President Kolinda has made a remarkable achievement by making a recession plunged country into a peaceful country with feminism.

She is a leader who has a vision for the whole world because she is so concerned about the terrorism that prevails over the world and also she is concerned about the migration of people into the European Union at large. The way she communicates with people ensures that she is trustworthy and a deserving candidate to lead a country. Her communication style says that she is confident and strong in her speech on talking about politics in the European Union. She expresses her views clearly which makes the people of her country believe in her reign. She is organised and strives to achieve media freedom, social security for the people of her country, fight against corruption, control of the intelligence sector and the proper usage of intelligence sector in accordance with the law of the country.

Her speech was not just words but she strongly confirms that she would act like the way she talks. She has relaxed body posture when gives a speech to the public which ensures that she is confident in her words. She is strong in her words to the extent that the person opposite to her will tend to listen to her speech first before they utter a word in front of the Croatian President. She makes sure that she is heard first which says that she is very strong and has clear cut on her political views and nobody can confuse her with words. She views the migration problem in a holistic and comprehensive way.

There was a heartfelt moment when President Kolinda wearing a jersey outfit with a symbol of the Croatian flag consoled the national footballer for their loss to France and she congratulated the French team for their victory in the World cup Final 2018 which was held in Moscow, this situation captured the hearts of millions around the world. This shows the sign of good sportsmanship which is an inborn character of the President. The Croatian President Kolinda will always be remembered for millions of people as the president who encouraged and extended tremendous support for her country with an incredible team spirit and sportsmanship. I would say that she is the most compassionate president in this whole world where her way of expressing love is by “hugs”.

Like Prime Minister Jacinda Arden, Kolinda Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović has assertive communication style where she expresses her love clearly and respectfully. She has a relaxed body posture while addressing the public which will make her feel really connected with the people and the public. She is someone who politely stands up not only for the rights of Croatians but also for the rights of millions of people around

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