Jack Conte And His Idea About Patreon

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Music have been existed for centuries, humankind listen to music as an entertainment. We heard people murmuring a familiar melody on the street or in the subway. Artists usually are not appreciated by the community before they become famous. In the past, if the creator wanted to sell a product, he has to go through a media company to help him promote and sell his product. Only then, the product can be reached to their fans. However, Jack Conte, founder of the Patreon, he thought about an interesting idea for artist to finally get paid in this digital era. The mature of Internet is making an evolutionary change to the monetization schemes. Artists now can finally sell their album directly to their fans. Jack Conte gave me a few impacts which he is a creative and passionate artist yet his idea about Patreon is not that holistic.

First of all, Jack is a creative person because he thought out of a solution when his team facing a crisis in the 2013. His annual $58,384 iTunes download income was replaced by streaming $5,996 income and even his YouTube channel generate zero income for him. Jack Conte and his friend, Sam Yam, brought up a solution to solve this problem. They created Patreon, a membership platform which artists get paid by their fans directly. He showed us some successful creator on Patreon like Kinda Funny, a talk show making $31,898 per month, Derek Bodner, a sport journalist making a $4,895 per month and Crash Course, free education to the world having $29,454 per month. Artists can make a living from this income. Other major company like Google and The Guardian also working on this problem. He mentioned that the business model for artist being paid online is not perfect, but we are getting closer to there.

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Furthermore, Jack Conte is a passionate artist even though no one respect his occupation at all in the earlier days. Back in 2007, he uploaded video to YouTube to earn money, but nobody respected him at all even those who uploaded their video to the platform. It looked totally ridiculous to earn money via Internet at that time. He even created his album in his dad garage. 6 years later, he faced some crisis but he still persistent on his profession and finding ways to solve the problem. He also still pursued his passion and keep on working for his interest. He thought about a solution to this problem which is Patreon. At the end of the talk, he shared that someone from a band heard his is a musician make fun of him by saying hope he make it someday in the future.

Besides that, Jack Conte’s idea about Patreon still not holistic yet. Patreon acted as a membership platform for creator have additional income but there is still a risk if Patreon suddenly not functioning at all, those creators going to suffer it again. In August of 2018, Patreon creators having some trouble as their payment accidentally marked as fraud. This leads them to having issue on their bank account. Some of the creators even experience getting less paid $500 which they usually expected. This issue raised up the attention of all artists for not just relying on one source for having the income. Anyone must have multiple sources to earn money just in case one of them is not working at all.

In conclusion, Jack Conte is a creative and passionate person but the idea on Patreon is still not holistic. Artists may finally get paid with the emergence of Internet. Community in this era staring to appreciate and respect the work of artists. Organiser invites artists to be their ambassador. Artists can utilise their influence to help organize to attract crowd and at the same time these artists also being paid by the organiser. I hope the business model for artist getting paid will become mature and perfect in the near future.


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