Jackie Robinson: No Matter What Skin Color Or Whatever It is You Are

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The messages of the article are that people don’t want to see you do good and that no matter what skin color or whatever it is you are that you should do what you love. Jackie Robinson did what he loved and defied the odds of being one of the first black MLB players ever. Jackie showed that his skin colour didn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams. Jackie’s first game brought over 25,000 people (“It lured 25,623 fans, more than half of them black”). 

This is very incredible because many people that were white saw that it was a black man and didn’t want to come because the spotlight would be on a black male. Jackie was also the first four sport star at UCLA. This is another record that Jackie made as he was the first and shows that just because he was black doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to be in sports. White people were so against black people and now look in most sports there are many black people, some more than white.

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The author portrays Jackie Robinson as a very athletic and favourable guy. The author says “Robinson was the man. The first four sport star at UCLA, an Army veteran, a budding Negro league phenom.” This implies that Jackie was a very sporty/athletic person. The author portrays as a good person by showing that he kind of made a stepping stone for other black people who wanted to be in the league but were afraid they would be terrorized.

The author spends time on the events of Jackie Robinson appearance because Robinson was making a big difference in the game bringing more than 25,000 fans and that Robinson was one of the first black people to play in the MLB. The author focused on the events because he wanted to show that just because Robinson was black doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to play baseball. The author really wanted to show that no matter what colour the person is they can be just as good as someone that is a different colour.

The author admires the fact that Jackie was a four sport star at UCLA (“The first four-sport star at UCLA”). This is a very big accomplishment for a person it is not common at all for someone to be a four-sport star, not many professional athletes right now were four-sport stars. As Jackie was the first four-sport star UCLA shows that it is very uncommon to be a four-sport star, many athletes graduate for UCLA as it’s a very athletic school. Jackie also was an army veteran which not many athletes or entertainers were, this shows that Jackie was a caring person even though he didn’t get the dignity he deserved. 

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