Jade Motivation By Goal Setting

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Jade Motivation by Goal Setting

Everyone who is working for a company should be motivated by at least a goal in accordance with the organization context. Some people are driven by incentives, but some others prefer to be recognized for their contributions, or else some others are motivated by challenges in workplace. Also, sometimes the organizations can redesign the jobs to fit and motivate their staff. Above all, how to set goals to individuals in order for them to attain or perform well in their jobs is followed by the full sequence: goals, values, needs since there are many ways to determine goals.

Goal-setting does not have one path to choose, but it does have various approaches, including:

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  • first, goal attributes which show that the best way to achieve high performance is to set fierce and specific goals;
  • second, goal mechanisms which mean goals might affect performance by directing attention, intensify effort, and persisting obstacles and failure;
  • third, feedback is basically information, hence to boost performance we need both feedback and goals to follow up how everyone is working on their paths in relation to organization’s goals;
  • fourth, commitment on the other way presents to an idea of the possibility of achieving goals and pursuing personal values, that is why role models in short- and long-term are recommended to voice out;
  • fifth, self-efficacy is not self-esteem but is built via training and practice, people are willing to set high goals and more committed to reach them, also face failure;
  • sixth, participation refers to empowerment in an organization where the subordinates take part in setting goals with their supervisors, thus employees feel contributed and reachable goals following organization’s strategy;
  • seventh, goals and task strategies are the process of execution of achieving goals, when people make plans and self-motivate to implement, also with difficult goals, staff are required to be more creative and more strategic in thinking to solve problems;
  • eighth, management support is necessary for goals success, it means that management supports and flattens the procedures;
  • ninth, goals and emotions relate to satisfaction which a person is ready to take risks and accomplish complex goals;
  • last, goals and self-management mean that someone who commits his/her own goals by following his/her own paths to go, ambitious people are driven in this manner.

In conclusion, goals are set for many outputs, besides the questions: how, why, when goal-setting works, we concern how to apply goal-setting theories in a specific workplace as well because “Application is not just a science, but also an art”. Moving on to the application in particular context, there are some issues that need to be addressed in advance since every organization is unique. Goals should be set for the financial returns and measurable in numbers and by deadlines. CEO must be the one who sets goals for his/her organization in relation to company strategy, vision, and direction. Moreover, how hard the goals are set depends on the circumstances in a period of time, however the organizations always push their staff to go beyond their comfort zone to accomplish higher performance.

To attain the goals, the organization needs a lot of competent employees who are fully responsible for their goals, in return, the organization rewards their staff generously by providing monetary bonus or work activities. Besides, using multiple goals and levels encourages employees to try harder. There is another way to reward good staff, for instance: recognition which means not only incentives but also to be recognized how employees contribute to the organization is extremely crucial. Nevertheless, in some cases, goal systems make subordinates dishonest, therefore, a role model leader uses appropriate motivational techniques would help to resolve. Finally, the development of technology is a mean to make goal settings more detailed, more rapid, more reliable, and more accurate.

In sum, personally I think that goal setting is an important technique in any organization. On the other words, how to strive people towards company’s strategy and benefits by motivating and setting suitable goals for individuals. This system should be a win-win game for all parties and shows them the values of fulfilling their needs so far. Additionally, as a manager, he/she should pay attention on goal conflicts and design fit means to direct the ship on track.


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