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Jake Paul - A Super Star Among Pre-Teens

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Pre-teen children are perhaps the easiest audience to manipulate because of their easily impressionable & inquisitive nature; this fact is no stranger to predatory content creators across social media. Jake Paul, a big celebrity amongst elementary aged kids, constantly uploads videos that appeal to children through racy titles, inappropriate thumbnails as well as child actors and cartoon characters that the kids can relate to in his ‘team 10’ universe.

In a recent interview with ‘abc news network’, when Jake Paul was asked about which demographic he targets, Jake Paul stated“My audience is definitely younger, I would say it’s like 8 years old to 16 years old, that’s who I try to-Jake Paul. This may seem innocent enough atsurface level, but as you delve deeper intohis content it becomes more apparenthow malicious it is. Jake Paul constantly features sexual topics and taboos that are definitely not suitable for kids; on one occasion in particular Jake Paul’s mother is seen dancing inappropriately while wearing revealing clothes in front of her son to amuse his friends.

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Incest is a frequent topic in Jake’s videos, not just limited to his mother; in one video Jake’s father is seen competing with his sons in a “kiss-challenge” where the 54 year old father, Greg Paul, is seen kissing a barley legal teenage fan-girl. The issue of predatory advertisements

Jake Paul’s content is also a mine field of advertisements, ads could reach 50% of the video time, and these ads are usually along the lines of “buy my clothing brand”, “buy my new song on iTunes”, “buy my live tour ticket”; it reached to the extent that an entire chorus of one of his songs is “buy the merch” repeated over and over again. Cater the content towards” “children in the older age groups who said they mistrusted advertisements, much of their mistrust was accuracy-based skepticism and was based on reference to specific advertisements or particular products.”- Blades, M., Oates, C., Blumberg, F., & Gunter, B. (2014). Advertising to children in traditional and new media.


Palgrave MacmillanAlthough some studies show that most children as young as 8 could showcase disbelief and skepticism towards ads, others studies show that these children usually are skeptical because of past experience not because of the advertisers’ motives, children also usually believe that advertisers only use persuasion to encourage customers to buy what the customers wanted to buy anyway, not for monetary gain. Meaning that if an advert is disguised through product placement or other means such as host selling, both of which are employed by Jake Paul, children up to the age of 12 would struggle to identify whether this is an advertisement or not; this isthe reason why catering towards younger audience may seem lucrative to businesses and creators, it’s easier to convince the child than it is to convince the parent.

Nerd City did a great coverage of this on YouTube if you want to know more Article 26 imposes the penaltyof imprisonment for a periodof no less than six months anda fine of LE50,000–100,000on anyone who violates any ofthe family principles or valuesof Egyptian society-Egypt, the EU and the US as well as many other countries, Jake Paul’s content, if broadcasted within the respective governmental entity’s jurisdiction, might be deemed illegal for several reasons.

In Egypt, article 26 under the“ anti-cyber and information technology crime law”, it’s illegal to violate the moral values of Egyptian society; Jake Paul, with content promoting taboos such as incest, is in violation of this law; Jake Paul also maybe violating child protection laws & advertisement regulations in the EU and the US.


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