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Japan's Attack on the Pearl Harbor as the Reason for Grievance

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World War II was a painful experience for many in the world. Families were separated all across the world, millions were killed, and others left alone. It was a gruesome, horrible event in the world’s history. World War II involved many different events and had many different components including the life on the home front, the Holocaust, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and D-Day.

World War II caused many on the home front to hurt and ache because of family members in the war. An example of a girl would be Janet. Janet specifically remembers that her mother was scared and she remembers her uncle being in the war. (Reading Eagle) Janet also remembers all the blackouts and raids that occurred and what to do when the siren sounded. (Reading Eagle) This proved to be difficult for many because they never knew if there would be a bombing in the next few minutes or not.

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The holocaust was a major event in WWII. The holocaust was the execution of people because of race or ethnicity. One group of people that was murdered for their ethnicity are the Jews. “A third of the world’s Jews and two-thirds of Europe’s Jews died in the Holocaust” (Fasching, pg.468-470). During the holocaust, over 30 million died either in combat or as civilians (Fasching, pg.468-470). Hitler believed that this was alright because he justified it with the theory of evolution and thinking that “only those organisms most successful in adapting themselves to a particular ecological niche survive to reproduce themselves and so shape the gene pool” (Fasching, pg.468-470).

Pearl Harbor was an event that caused grieving for many. The bombing of Pearl harbor was a surprise attack on the Americans by the Japanese in Hawaii. The soldiers that were positioned at Pearl Harbor knew that a war was coming but didn’t know when or where (Czerwenka, pg.42). The author explained that a Japanese pilot was so close that he could see the grin on his face (Czerwenka, pg.42).

D-Day was one of the final battles of World War II. It was a great assault on the beaches of Western Europe (America, pg.24+). “There were 11,000 planes in the sky and hundreds of thousands of men were prepared to invade” (America, pg.24+). D-day was not a simple attack. In fact it took two years to prepare for and plan, and in the end, 2,500 people died that day.

World War II isn’t an easy topic to discuss because of the complexity of it and the many people that died during the years it occurred. The events that made the war painful for most people included the life on the home front and how they handled it and the Holocaust and what it entailed. Events that also made it hard were the attacking of Pearl Harbor and D-Day which took two years to prepare. In the end, people were brave and ready to face what came afterwards and during the war.


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