Jennifer Shinalls Discrimination in the Workplace


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Workplace weight discrimination is a video where Jennifer Shinall explains her research on people with obesity. She says that most people think that people with obesity are less productive and cannot perform better. However, she has found that obesity people do quite well in physical activities. Women are mostly affected especially where the occupation involves a lot of physical activities. This makes them end up in low paying jobs with less activities and most people don’t like.

The video, from stigma to supermodel, is about Rick Guidotti who aims at seeing beauty for a change. He begins by sharing his story of who he is as a fashion photographer. He has worked for various magazines. He says he was forced to work within particular parameters of the beauty standards. He would be told who is beautiful and incredible and therefore photograph her but this changed the following season. It affected him since he had to change his thoughts about beauty and since he is an artist he could find it crazy. This frustrated him and he one day left the office and met a beautiful kid with albinism. He started surveying about this condition and could find sad images, images of despair. He began seeing images from Africa where such people are pointed at by tribes. He found that they have visual impairment. He then contacted NOAH and told them they can show the world the beauty of albinism. It is from here that he started helping this group from all over the world.

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In this third video, “The U.S. Needs Paid Leave for the Sake of its Future” Jessica Shortall says that women in United States need to be working for sake of the future. She presents the impassionate case that reality of current working mothers in the US is horrible and hidden. She explains that many mothers are forced back to work within very few weeks of giving birth. She states that it is time people have to realize the psychological, physical and economic cost of this approach to working mothers and their kids as well. It is time to save the future by offering paid leave to all working mothers

The videos relate to the information in the text book in that most people are discriminated due to unconscious bias. It is strange that people living with albinism live with fear and sad faces and people seem not to realize their beauty. It also relates with the information that there is a lot of discrimination in the workplace. It may seem something normal but discrimination is real

I have discovered that people with albinism live with shame and people may fail to speak out about it due to the fear of the reaction from the public. It is astonishing that even a group like NOAH can fear exploitation. I have also discovered that we don’t treat working mothers fairly in the workplace

I would recommend that the organization ensure it gives working mothers paid leave and give them enough time to be with their newborn. It is for the better of their psychological condition and that of their babies. I would also recommend that the organization come up with policies to protect people with albinism and ensure they feel heard and comfortable. Hand-held magnifiers for people with visual impairments and positioning of the person’s desk and the lighting in their working environment can also significantly help people with albinism (Wan, 2003)




  1. Wan, N. (2003). ‘Orange in a World of Apples’: The voices of albinism. Disability & Society, 18(3), 277-296.
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