"Jennifer's Body" Horror Film Analysis: the Plot Theme of the Movie

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“Jennifer’s Body” Horror Film Analysis: The Plot Theme Of The Movie

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Jennifer is the stereotypical popular high school girl who adores attention and flirts with everybody to boost her ego. She always is playing boys to have them wrapped around her finger in order for her to feel as if she has higher self esteem. The movie begins with Jennifer and her best friend Needy heading to the towns main bar to have some drinks and hangout. Needy is hesitant as she does not like to go out often. Upon arrival the girls meet the members of the band called “low shoulder” in which the lead singer is serenaded by Jennifer. They predict she is a virgin and they had needed one in order to present the devil with a sacrifice. They set fire to the bar causing multiple deaths and injury which will later the stunt the town. After reappearing into Needy and Jennifer's lives while they’re are shook by the atrocity, Nikolai asks the girls to come with them. This leads to the injuring of Jennifer and she transforms into a new demon where she feeds off the lives of her fellow classmates.

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Jennifer decides to take the schools best football player into the woods as she would like to talk about the incident in which it left his best friend dead. She tries to seduce him but soon turns into a demon and devours the athlete. The town does not suspect any sort of possession, rather animals attacking people while they’re alone. Jennifer is weak and hungry so she begins to hit on other men not only to boost her ego but to feed her demonic soul. Needy is suspicious and feels as if Jennifer is trying to hit on her boyfriend Chip. Chip doesn’t think too much of it but it is apparent to Needy. Friendships begin to fade as the girls see each other in new light, whether it is Jennifer lying about Needy seeing her possessed to taking one anothers boyfriends the movie takes a bizarre turn. Without remorse Jennifer takes it upon herself to take out one of the gothic kids in the school who has always liked her. Little does the poor boy realize that he soon will meet his demise. She gives him her “address” and invites him over for a movie night.

As Kyle starts his adventure over to Jennifer's place he soon realizes that he is not at housing but rather a shipment station. He plays the fool and decides to go into the house with Jennifer. They begin to start making out, but soon she eats Kyle alive. Nobody realizes the death of Kyle nor is it known to be a big deal, but Needy sees her best friend bloodied in the middle of the road just to be told she’s going crazy. The scene goes on to having Needy and Chip breakup as she needs time to process everything that is going on. Chip in sadness is told not to go to prom but decides to go anyway. As Needy feels an urging presence of Jennifer she tries to chase Chip while Jennifer tries to consume him in the abandoned pool of the school. Chip is slaughtered and Jennifer fleas, causing Needy to take matters into her own hands. She kills Jennifer and is caught by her mother in the midst. While in jail she broke free and decided to go catch the band and this is where we see the conclusion.

In my opinion I really like this movie for a night time scare, but overall the quality and plot theme needed much work. The character development was phenomenal and there really was no complaints for how the movie was shot, I just feel like the movie could’ve been produced better and been less overreacted towards teen life. The dynamics and production was very unrealistic and it was very cringey. Instead of being scared and tense during the movie, the deaths had seemed more comedic if anything and used a really fake sense of gore. I might be a little biased as my favorite movie franchise is scream and saw but both movies were shot years earlier and had better visuals for the deaths. These lacked thereof which made me laugh. Overall I liked the movie but the production needed much work before it was viewed publicly.

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