Jewelry, Pearls and Everything that Attracts Women


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In the jewellery industry, the combination of natural gems and pearls provide perfect luxury collectables which can be carried forward to the next generations , where pearls offer environmentally sustainable and renewable options to invest. Rare jewellery has been in the top ten collections where jewellery reported a 112 per cent appreciation in the last 10 years and it can come in a range of personalized colours, structures and varieties built on precious gemstones, metals and pearls. Pearls continue to create fashion moment from time to time but the new buyers seek] newer designs in jewellery where they seek innovative shapes and colours to avoid the so called ‘mother of the bride look’.

The Marie Antoinette pearl pendant was one of the rare jewellery sold for $36m in 2018, which makes it one of the most precious pieces of jewellery. One of the famous was the ‘The Baroda Pearls’ that belonged to the Maharajah of Baroda’s collection was a double-stranded necklace made from 68 pearls and in 2007 it was sold for $7 million.

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The more spherical or the ones that reflect light more, the thicker and the presence of iridescent coat on the outer layer makes it desirable. Earlier the buyer searched for natural perfect shapes but now the younger buyers are also buying the ones having unique rare shape and structure. The non-white pearls command a higher price in comparison and are scarcer. The black and grey pearl necklace ones were sold at Christie auctions in 2015 for $5.1 million. The four strands natural pearl necklace can command huge value.

Pearls can be found in many colours shapes, sizes, surface quality and bigger ones are considered better. The natural beauty, uniqueness and modern looks where the new cream to white pearls are embedded in a gold setting with diamonds can provide a valuable item for your jewellery collection. Some pearls are grown in cultured waters around the world such as Australia, Japan, Central America etc., and the natural river pearls are usually found in Asia, Europe and North America. The natural to Akoya, Tahitian and South Sea pearls are popular with the millennial buyers as some of the new designs create a personalized look, offering customized composition, and an opportunity into an ethical investment where the market is expected to gain significantly exceed $16.8 billion worldwide by 2022(Research and Markets).

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