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Rime, a natural scene in winter. In cold weather, there are countless fog drops drifting in the wind, below zero Celsius but not frozen; when it encounters the branches and others below zero Celsius, it is freezing and solidifying into white loose ice crystals after continuous accumulation, that is “rime”, in Chinese, we call “Wu Song”.

Same as Guilin Landscape, Yunan Stone Forest and Yangtze River, Jilin rime is one of the four natural wonders of China, is the most special among them. Looking along the bank of the Songhua River, the weeping willowsand pines hang snow. It seems like being draped in silver and white jade, glittering and translucent; like a sow lotus in full bloom. Just as a Chinese verse goes: “thousands of pear trees blossoming as if spring wind just passed by”, it is very spectacular and extraordinary

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There are a huge temperature difference between the river and the air, the water vapor from the Songhua river continuous released, then condenses between the trees and grass on both sides of the river, which forms a phenomenon of rime with a thickness of 40 to 60 millimeter; Jilin rime is the largest thickness, the smallest density and the most loose structure in the rime species. It is looking particularly crystal clear and the Jilin rime is the best of the best in the rime species. Jilin Rime unique charm of North China in winter, it is the natural landscape and fantastic spectacular; it gives a sense of mystery and intoxication and adds endless fun, attracting thousands of tourists from home and abroad.

According to Russina Jebali Zewsk Station, which is a professional station of rime observation data analysis for hundreds of years, it is concluded that there is few of fluffy crystal rime; Jilin rime formed because of low temperature and weathly water vapor, it is extremely rare that having the two important and conflicting conditions. Besides, the continous period of Jilin rime is longer than other place every year.

Jilin rime as the natural “air cleaner”, it is said that according to the characteristics, rhythm and cycle of Jilin rime, it can feedback th e future weather and annual information and make a contribution to all industries for avoiding the harm, increasing income. Jilin rime is not only the natural air cleaner but also the natural silencer of the environment. Due to the characteristics of dense, loose structure, small density and high void, it has very low reflectivity of sound waves and can absorb a large number of sound waves, that is why the dense rows of woods is always quiet.

People divide watching Jilin rime into three stages: fog at night, hanging in the morning and falling flowers in the late afternoon. Fog at night refers to watch the river fog landscape on the Songhua River at the night before the formation of the rime. It is usually appears at about 10 o’clock at night; at the beginning, there are wisps of fog on the river, then it grows bigger and thicker; suddenly the heavy fog cover the streets and buildings along the river, and the visitors will be in the thick cloud sea. Gernal speaking, the thicker fog at night, the more spectacular rime landscape the day.

Hanging in the morning means to watch the “tree hanging”(rime) in the morning, the black willows, conifers and millennium elms on the ten-mile river bank are all covered by white color, presented a silvery dreamlike wonderful world suddenly; the trees along the river are covered with thick rime and the branches of each weeping willow are glittering and twinking, gently shaking in the breeze.

Falling flowers in the late afternoon is description of watching the fall of the rime. Usually in the morning after 9 o’clock, the rime congealed on the branches began to fall off. It starts with a little bit of falling down, followed by a bunch of slipping off. Falling in the air through the wind blowing and shined by the sun, forming a colorful snow curtains in the air; while the flying rime falls on visitors’ shoulders and heads like snowflakes, it makes people feel cool and fresh. The best appreciate period of rime is late December to February, which is the period with most of Jilin rime occurs. So the best viewing period to enjoy the Jilin rime is during the Spring festival.


The rime is not hundred percent visible, there is a certain probability of rime production; not everyone can see the Jilin rime due to the weather, if the weather is not sunny or windy, rime is not easy to form.

Be sure to keep warm; snow boots, hats, gloves and winter clothing are must.

Bring chocolate on hand for extra calories; in addition, it is advise to carry thermos for drinking hot water at any time.

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