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Jimmy Carter and His Fight for What is Right

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“We cannot be both the world’s leading champion of peace and the world’s leading supplier of the weapons of war,” Jimmy Carter during his presidency explains his goal of humility. He always fought for what is right, whether it would be in war zones, or solving diseases, even fighting for his peoples rights in office. As the 39th president Jimmy Carter is far from ordinary due to his hard work in politics, medicine, equality.


Jimmy Carter was born on October 1, 1924 to James Carter Sr in Georgia. He was born into a developing world, with wars happening before and after birth and business taking over America. At four years old he moved to a two acre farm to startup a business. As a kid Carter was given a burden to work at the family business with dad James and mom Bessie in the peanut industry at just ten years old. But what Carter remembers the most is family time. He really treasured attending his baptist church for picnics, or hanging out with his dad on porch watching baseball. What meant the most to him is the moments with his family although he was very successful towards the end of his life.

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Stopping the War

In 1977 through the great gates of the White House and sitting at the top of the table on Capitol Hill sat Jimmy Carter. He was the man who decided to step up and get involved when in office. In 1978 he stopped war between Israel and Egypt by signing a treaty led both Egyptian president Anwar Sadat and Israeli prime minister Menachem. This lead to winning the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize for bringing peace between the two states. Due to Jimmy Carter’s actions he made the world a better place.

People Around Carter

Carter being the man he is has to have surrounded himself with amazing people. From his mom to the First Lady all the way down to the Vice President were very close to him. But Vice President Walter F. Mondale and Jimmy were always around each other. This led to the Carter Center of Medicine which opened in 1982. But this center allowed citizens from 82 different countries to attend. But what he cherishes the most would be his 5 children: John, James Earl III, Jeffrey, Amy. Since he has children of his own, his goal is to help suffering children around the world. The Carter foundation is making a change. Due to the people surrounding him he has made his mark on the world.

Impactful Decisions

Carter just didn’t get success automatically. A former one-term governor of Georgia, Jimmy won with a colorblind campaign. He still kept his message of helping the poor of all the races at the risk of losing his white Southern base counterparts. Carter understood that, after the Watergate scandal, trust in government needed to be restored. He made gift limits and financial disclosure rules on his appointees. This zeroed out corruption. Another impactful decision was to expand his families peanut business after it grew to 6.5 million dollar proposition. This is what put him on the map.


Former President Jimmy Carter demonstrated their commitment to social justice and basic human rights over and over again during their time in the White House. Their goal has only deepened since moving on, most notably through the Carter Center in Atlanta. They have also worked on numerous Habitat builds both in the United States. Throughout his life he has been committed to changing humanity. In the last few years he has he is trying to make a change to leave behind a strong message. He always fought for what is right. The fate of America was in his hands and he handled it gently and with pride. Jimmy Carter will always be remembered for making a change and a positive one. No matter what he got his hands on he made something of it. To opening hospitals to clearing war zones and starting movements. Jimmy Carter will always be in our hearts.


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