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Jimmy Carter Telling about Himself

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From being rated one out of the ten worst presidents in the U.S history to being the most “outsider” president in the 20th century. Therefore, I was your 39th president Jimmy Carter. My people called me peanut farmer, since growing up in Plains, Georgia that’s all you did, farm. I always wanted to do my best around my Father, giving me the name Hot Shot. However, my real name was James Earl Carter Jr. yet the citizens of the U.S called me Jimmy and still do for short. Additionally, I was so outgoing and caring-my papa always taught me to respect others and to have discipline- that I even invited the new president- Ronald Reagan- to sit next to me at my inauguration. In fact, I cared about my world so much, I wrote a famous astonishing quote stating ” Whether the borders that divide us are picket fences or national boundaries, we are all neighbors in a global community”. You’re wondering what this quote means right? The background behind this quote is that even though we are separated by borders or walls, we are all friends on earth. Furthermore, everyone should be created equal and that peace is a need in the world. Moreover, by putting walls or borders, is not going to solve global conflicts. For this reason, I strived for peacefulness, and being the leader for my country was my only opportunity for peacefulness.

On this year Oct. 1, 1924, I approached from one of the first families from Jamestown, Virginia to Plains, Georgia. The moment I was born, Bessie Lillian Gordy-my mother- knew I was going to be a studious boy who wouldn’t get in trouble and would bring joy to the world. In fact, when I aged 10 I was already working in the farm fields, with my siblings: Gloria, Ruth, and William Carter also, Papa. Known as Jimmy Earl Carter Sr… of course, farming peanuts.

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Attending Georgia Southwestern College wasn’t the college I was expecting. For this reason, I attended Submarine Training School. Graduating from Submarine Training School in 1948, being the first graduate of the U.S Naval Academy to become Chief Executive and to be ranked 3rd out of the 53 students was a lifetime experience. Therefore, I moved on to serve our beautiful country, In the U.S Navy. Indeed, the first two years, I was an electronics instructor. Actually serving in the U.S.S Mississippi and the U.S.S Wyoming. Equally important, serving on the U.S.S Pomfret, then in 1950 on the U.S.S K-1. Our U.S navy changed my life completely, they taught me how to be strong and to have discipline. Before I was running for Governor of Georgia, I was running a gas station and I was a warehouseman. On the other hand, acting out as Governor of Georgia, from 1971-1975 wasn’t easy. Especially when taking care of my beautiful wife-Rosalynn Smith Carter- and my children John William, James Earl, Donnel Jeffrey, and my only gorgeous daughter, Amy Lynn. In my spare time, I liked to write books or memoirs, for example, Keeping Faith: Memoirs of Presidents (1982), An Hour Before Daylight: Memoirs of a Rural Boyhood (2001), and many more. I considered myself an author and it was amazing, winning me the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002.

Becoming president was stressful, but being the first president to be born in a hospital was sure cool. At the age of 51 I was running for president, representing the Democrats and at the age of 52, I was elected to be the leader of my country, serving from January 20, 1977, to January 20, 1981. Papers and new laws also bills were coming to me day after day. For this reason, I worked with my Vice president- Walter F. Mondale- quite a lot. Besides, I was the first president to graduate from the U.S Naval Academy, also the first president sworn in using his nickname “Jimmy”. Acting out as a Naval Lieutenant always meant that you are the leader and soldiers look up to you. Giving me the chance to help develop a nuclear-powered navy submarine, later called the U.S.S Jimmy Carter and costing roughly $3.3 billion. Working hard, lead to successfulness. I worked hard to combat the continuing economic woes of inflation and unemployment, by the end of my administration I could claim an increase of nearly 8 million jobs and decrease in the budget. Leading your country was risky. For example, In 1979 Islamic students attacked the US embassy in Iran and kidnapped 52 Americans as hostages. This is where the riskiness comes in part. My best and only choice at the moment was to try a rescue mission, let me tell you right now that it failed miserably, leading me to lose the 1980 presidential election. That didn’t stop me though. My wife and I created the Carter Center, putting a fight against a disease called Guinea worm disease. A parasitic infection occurring in parts of Africa without access to safe water. This disease affected 3.5 million people in 1986. With the help of other people, the Carter center put down this disease.

The fact that I got the opportunity to become the leader of my country is amazing. My wife and I were and still are thankful for whoever supported us. As years went by, I founded the Carter Presidential Center at Emory University in Atlanta Georgia. In September of 1984, my family and I led a habitat for Humanity workgroup to New York serving 19 families in need of safe, affordable, housing calling at the Carter work project, which turns to a week-long all over the world each year. Similarly, I have a museum and library named after me in Atlanta, Georgia. Life wasn’t easy, you always had to try hard to succeed, think on the bright side and you would achieve. In my opinion, my president was always thinking positively, always optimistic during office. Not letting the negative stuff get to him. When it came to problems or conflicts he would at least try to fix it. The country will remember me for my Decades of non-stop effort to find peaceful solutions to International conflicts, To make a democracy and human rights greater and to promote economic and social development.


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