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Job Creation As CSI Projects: How Would It Work?  

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Companies investing time and resources into projects that are designed to uplift communities is regarded as corporate social investment (CSI) and can be highly effective when managed well. For CSI projects to work well and to achieve maximum impact, the companies initiating them should take the time to consult with the communities about their needs. This collaborative approach is more likely to achieve better results. Job creating as CSI projects is an approach that hasn’t been explored thoroughly. At its essence, CSI is about the upliftment of communities. Job creation can be one way of achieving this. Having a job is more than just about financial security. It enables individuals to become active members of society, contributing towards development of society. There is now doubt that creating jobs can transform communities. For companies, using job creation as CSI projects could also enrich the environments in which they operate. Companies should take action to empower people and job creation is one way of doing this. Jobs provide financial security and economic stability for families as well as platforms for personal growth. The green economy may be the key to achieving job creation as CSI projects.

For example, Starbucks is renowned for its stance on protecting the environment. Through its various CSI initiatives, the company has created further avenues of creating employment for people within the communities in from which it sources its coffee. In 2011, the coffees franchise funded Create Jobs for USA through its Foundation, by actively engaging its consumer base. Getting consumers actively involved in a company’s CSI project is a good way of encouraging innovation. South African companies are required to spend 1% of net profit after tax on CSI. If more companies targeted funds or other resources towards job creation as CSI projects, it could go a long way towards alleviating the burden of unemployment on the economy, while also uplifting communities.

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