Job Description of Operation Officer in a Bank


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As an operation officer in a bank, the job description is classified as among other management categories in financial management. Financial officers are mandated to coordinate and direct the financial activities in banks and affiliated institutions. I have previously worked with a financial organization and I can confidently say that it is one area that has seen innovations in the information management systems and with new ones still being developed. This therefore asserts that for one to fit in the financial organizations one have to be equipped with set skills on system operations as well as other professional requirements such as the ability to comprehend documents and information, actively monitoring and assessing the organization’s operations to make timely corrective actions to the systems, critical thinking while approaching technical problems, good judgment that benefits the organization and the ability to manage resources and people in a rational way (Marakas, 2015). The banking sector has evolved greatly over the last few years and systems are being developed continuously that help the banks to manage their operations efficiently and effectively. One such system is the teller system also known as the ATM.

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Steps taken in securing their information

While integrating a teller system into a bank there are a number of principles that should be considered. The teller system must assure integrity in the way customer information is handled where perfect systems gain trust from customers (Marakas, 2015). The trust systems are professional verifications that are guided by specific principles to address any risk associated with IT in the privacy program. The listed principles are used to enhance trust in teller systems:

Security: the system should be protected to block any unauthorized access to the teller system as well as report any form of modification that is attempted on the system.

Availability: the system should be available to the customer in a usable form and should meet the expectation of the customer.

Integrity: the teller system should be functional with accurate and valid systems that meet a customer’s requirements.

Confidentiality: the teller system should protect the information of the customers who use the platform.

Privacy: after the customer information has been collected and used, the system should retain it and not disclose it to other users.

How banks manages their IT infrastructure

Criminal are continually strategizing on ways to manipulate bank information so that they can commit fraud or deny the banks access to their information through disruptions which can result in serious consequences. The banking sector has to pace up to always be ahead of these crooks and to attain that, they hire highly qualified IT personnel who actively monitor the bank systems to determine threats and possibly bust the criminals (Laudon, 2017). The banking sector has intensified its efforts in the fight against cybercrime since concerns are routinely raised across the world. Software developers are persistently developing bank systems that seal all loopholes that the criminals target.

As of now, cyber threat is the greatest challenge that the IT section of the bank is facing. What poses the greatest problem is that cybercrime is diverse and therefore banks have to always protect themselves from the unknown through using systems with superior firewalls (Galliers, 2014). One of the genius ways that the bank I was working for managed to secure their IT infrastructure was through intensive supervision of the IT employees. It is noted that cyber crime related to banking is associated with people who interact with the bank’s system routinely thus they are able to manipulate it ones they have ill motives. The bank would also hire an external IT company to routinely monitor its systems every month and ensure that the threats are dealt with.

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