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A Company that I visited was Team Inc. I chose this company because my dad currently works for them. As I went to their booth I learned that the company focuses their contributions towards piping systems and vessels, such as installing the pipes and maintain the high temperatures of the pipe. Currently, they have numerous locations of their headquarters, ranging across the Country, in Texas, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and as for as Belgium.

Team Inc. focuses their business and vision towards the customer. The type of projects they work on is fixing pipes that a problem has occurred or new advanced technology that will better advance a process to fix a pipe. Specific projects that they accommodate would be finding the solutions to a pipe if there were a leak, engineers would find the solution to fix the leak and put mechanisms to prevent the problem from occurring again. They create mechanisms that offer less money spent and an overall better operation for the piping system, making it less complex. They work on tremendous amounts of projects, associating with pipes, they also have advanced technology to make the process less complex, being able to work on the pipe without destroying or affecting it in any way. For instance, in 1929, the company became a full leak sealing service company for any piping system or vessel.

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The company’s job specialties include various types of engineers. They acquire engineers such as Tank engineers, and mechanical engineers. Tank engineers assure safety and proper regulations before sending them off to clients. Mechanical engineering is a big part also because they’re a lot of design techniques relating to pipes that have conflicts, and how to find the solution and make it more efficient without wasted time or money during the process.

Shield Engineering Group is a company that focuses their infrastructure. Because Shield focuses their projects on communities and the infrastructure of small towns, the engineers they hire are civil engineers, along with water resources engineering. Shield Engineering works in various communities, they have worked on numerous projects involving an overall better community in the infrastructure. For example, Lake Crest, had an issue with drainage of water and would flood its entire surroundings, fortunately for the subdivision, Shield used their advanced employers and helped the community with various projects to help defecate the flood waters. They are currently located in Fort Worth, Texas, as they are in that area and continue to improve the construction and efficient design services for their city. The industry that the company serves would be the design of construction, building, or help improve a location that lacks the necessities to obtain the best qualifying duties that are performed. BGE is a company that involves infrastructure that significantly helps communities to become more advanced with the most efficient and unique work. Their big picture is to create a sustainable change within the community that seeks a positive change, with the best help and hundreds of professionals to apply the technology. BGE, currently has 10 office locations scattered throughout the country. They have 9 offices located in Texas, one in Arkansas, another in North Carolina, and the last office is in Florida. The engineers that are needed for this type of company is civil and structural engineers, as this company is based on these exact engineering careers. Some projects that they have previously completed are the Redstone Golf Club, where they completely changed the layout of the golf course, adding or deleting areas of the field. They are in Houston, where it is a fast-growing city, allowing BGE Inc. to start projects involving intersections, highways, bridges, almost anything involving construction. This company serves the industry in the region of construction. They are always renovating, building, or involved in some area of infrastructure that is expanding, as their mission statement states they provide the best civil engineering, industrial development, and construction all over Southeastern U.S. area.

I talked with Shield Engineering group as I attended the Job Fair Assignment and asked them a few questions concerning about an internship with their company. The first question I had asked them was, what kind of skills, experiences, or knowledge is preferred for students when they are offered or seeking an internship, and what would help me, to have a successful opportunity to be accepted? They simply referred to their online requirements, if you have skills and qualifications of previous engineering internship experience, self-motivated and work without supervision, and understand the AutoCAD Civil3D, along with the Microsoft Office Suite. Not only those skills and qualifications but preferred requirements are a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, skilled written and communication skills, be able to solve a problem and think critically. Not to mention their duties of the position, construction of the land development, municipal water, and stormwater projects. Use their software to accomplish engineering tasks that are suitable for the problem and assist in land permits to be able to develop and municipal projects to be completed.

I also asked them what courses would be beneficial for me getting an internship or possibly full time with them? Courses such as the necessities that will ultimately help you, such as all the math requirements to graduate with an engineering degree, Civil engineering, Physics, Structure, and properties of civil engineering materials, and engineering data analysis. A question that I had asked them was what type of software is required, is it possibly a new software or any specific software’s that I could perhaps start learning now, to be able to get a head start. They said the software that is used and beneficial for the company is AutoCAD Civil3D, and Microsoft Office Suite, for the company is based on those programs and would beneficially help me if I were able to grasp the concept of the software.

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