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This Job Shadowing Report is an assignment that was issued to me by Leadership and Self-Development 1 lecturer. It weighs 10% of my total year mark. It was assigned to me to be executed in the June-July holidays. The assignment was to be completed in 5 working days. I was instructed to revise on the Boyatzi’s 5 discoveries theory of self-directed learning. I was also instructed to interview and observe at least 4 people in the company. This assignment required me to analyse the organisational culture ask engaging questions, to analyse the organisational structure and to pay attention to the leadership structure and personnel. Along with analysis am required to compile a portfolio of evidence which should include(but not limited to) pictures, interviews feedback form etc.

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Executive Summary

CTICC has been operation for over 19 years and has been powering on since they open for business. They have a very clear vision, mission and objectives. I Job shadowed in the Finance department. The company makes it money from selling space. They operate in the tourism Sector. Their finance department is divided into 2 main parts namely the; Accounting Team and the Supply Chain Management Team. The Department is led by a financial manager.

The finance team is well structured and runs like a well oiled machine. Every manager in the department uses their own approach when it comes to management style and leaderships technique. The team is very professional and but also seem to know each other personally to a certain degree. The company has operated very effectively and efficiently by spending less than their budgeted amounts. There was a variance of 375% between their anticipate profit and their actual profit. Some of their clients have booked up to 2 years in advance. I chose to do my assignment at the CTICC because I wanted to work in a small environment where I will not get lost. I also chose the company because I had always heard about it but I never knew what it was all about.


The Cape Town International Convention centre(CTICC SOC LTD) was formed in 1999. It has three primary owners, The City of Cape Town, The Department of the Western Cape and SunWest International (pty)ltd. It is located in Convention Square, 1 Lower Long Street, Cape Town, 8001.


Purpose of the company “The primary objective of behind the formation of the company was to deliver a world-class international convention centre in cape town that would provide meeting, convention and exhibition services and facilities for local and international organisations and their guests.(“History and Ownership”, 2017).

Their vision has been the same for the past nineteen years, however they do restrategise every 5 years. Their vision is to be one of the top ten international convention centres by 2020. CTICC’c objectives are the following: Maximise economic spin off and job creation Focus on innovation and exceeding expectations Achieve service excellence by building capable and quality staff Become a world leader in sustainability initiatives.(“Vision and Values” 2017) The company is a state owned company that makes profit. CTICC makes is a seller of space. They make their money from venue rental, food and beverage and other income(subcontracts, parking), therefore they get their funds from the profits generated. Since it is a state owned enterprise, it is easier for CTICC to obtain a loan.

The Leadership

The finance department is led by the finance manager. When I asked him about his leadership style he said,”i don't like bossing people around because they know what is required of them”. This indicated to me that he is a laisez-faire type of leader. Laisez faire leaders are laid back in their approach and let employees do as they please provide the main goal is achieved at the end of the day. Below the finance manager are two managers who lead two teams namely the Accounting Team and Supply chain management.

I was in the finance department and the organisational structure is not too complicated. The organisational structure for CTICC’s Financial department is a as follows: At the top is the Financial manager who oversees the entire department, he is in charge of the company bank account and make the final investment decisions. Some of his duty includes drawing up an Exceptions Report(on a monthly basis), an F-schedule(Performance record for the shareholders).

Accounting Team

This team is managed by the Financial Accountant CA(SA) in this team we find the Debtors Team(Accounts Receivable), Creditors Team,(Accounts Payable) Fixed assets and Inventory Team and the Bank and Cash Team. The debtors team deals with invoicing to customers, adding interest to overdue debtors accounts etc. Creditors team’s duties include making payments for the business’s loans, ensuring that purchase orders and invoices on the computers are identical, making payments to suppliers(on credit). The Fixed Assets and Inventory Team is run by a fixed asset controller, A fixed asset controller is a type of accountant who manages the long-term property and equipment(“Job Description for fixed asset controllers,”2017). The bank and cash team deals with the management of local cash.

Supply chain Management

This team deals with contracting and selecting suppliers. Procurement and awarding of tenders occur in this team. The Supply Chain Management System is divided into the following categories namely; Demand Management, Acquisition Management, Logistics Management, Disposal Management, Risk Management And Performance Management. Demand management is defined as the function of recognisng the demand for goods and services to support the marketplace.(“Lessons in demand management,”2002) Risk Management-This involves identifying and managing threats to a company

The Personnel

The company has a staff of 184 people in total. 43.48% of the staff are skilled, 38.59% are semi-skilled and 2.17% are unskilled. The department that I was in had a total of 21 members. There a was a very obvious cohesion within the team. When I arrived the team had taken their leader out for breakfast. I had a very strong sense of mutual respect, trust and professionalism. The team is very driven. The communication lines were very open, all three managers in the floor had an open door policy. All the team members referred to the Financial manager by his nickname.

The core working hours for the members(of the finance team) is nine hours(8-5). My host told me that he sometimes has 15 hour working days. Some of the benefits mentioned by the employees were, new challenges everyday, prime view of what happening in the city, exposed to a lot new people and thing. One benefit that I observed was that lunch was provided by the company, every employee is issued with a card which they use once per day. The underlying benefit mentioned by everyone I interviewed was that uniform was given to each employees by the organisation. One disadvantage is the fact that the employees have less opportunities for growth and promotion since the company is small. CTICC values its people, one of the policies that relate to the employees is the leave policy. Every employee has 15 days of leave.

Offering and customers

As mentioned before CTICC is a seller of space, but they also get their revenue from the mentioned above. Their best selling product is their space; they have 5 exhibition halls and 2 auditoriums. Their buildings are rented out to clients for events such as banquets, trade fairs, exhibitions, national conferences, international conferences, film shoots and other special events(“Power Panache Performance,” 2017). Some of the company’s clients include the United Nations, Sanlam, Old Mutual, Barclays etc. The event that I happened while I was costed ±1 million rand.

I started my job shadowing during the end-of-the-financial-year preparations. I got the chance to go over the company’s financial reports and the results were very impressing. In 2017 CTICC. budgeted to make a profit of R18 Million but realised an actual budget of 57 Million. They were also very successful in keeping their actual expenditure below their budgeted amounts. The company operates in the tourism sector, but it is also affiliated with other sectors. An example of this is when the mining indaba is hosted. CTICC has a very good reputation with their clients and some of their clients have booked into 2019.

My experience

I started job shadowing at CTICC during a shifting period, my host (financial Manager) was in his last week at the company. The first thing i noticed when I walked into the building was the beauty of the building as well as the professionalism portrayed by all of the staff members. My host fetched me at reception and we spoke like we knew each other before. He took me wherever he went and explained everything he did and why he did it. He also introduced me to everyone. The team was very welcoming to me and treated me like I was a member. The work environment laid-back I could hear chuckles and giggles in the background while working. During the programme I tried my best to observe as many the whole team as much as i could but interviewed 4 key people. Everyone that I interviewed had a degree in accounting. One of them was Forensic Accounting and was still studying law. Out of the 4 people that I interviewed only one of them studied for 4 years, the rest studied for no less than 7 years. I realised that I it vital to equip yourself with education and knowledge.


I had a very pleasant experience at the CTICC. I received a lot of first hand information from highly qualified and experienced professionals. I have realised that to earn a good income one has to be willing to work extra hard. I have also learnt that sometimes it is easier to let people work on their own and show them that you trust them to do their jobs. It is very important to treat people as individuals and to take time to build relationships with your subordinates. Not every leadership style will have the same effect on all members.


  • Keep on spending less than the budgeted amounts.
  • People with strong personalities should try to give those with weaker personalities a chance to get their view across(in the boardroom).

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