Joe Biden from the Democratic Party and His Targeted Demographic


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The US Democratic Party is one of the oldest and biggest political party, founded by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison in 1792. In USA history, there had been 15 presidents from US Democratic Party. First one was Thomas Jefferson, who was president in 1801-1809 and last one is Barack Obama who was president in 2009-2017. The US Democratic is called “Blue state” because of party’s symbolic color is blue and this is declaring support blue candidates. Every relationship and interactions going through between deliverer and receiver. Therefore, it is hard to expect or get result without audience. Candidate’s campaign is worthless and it won’t get result without audiences. How can politicians and candidates influence and effect on audiences? What kind of audiences are there? And how they effect to the politicians.

First of all, Joe’s main social media network is Facebook. We can see that how he concentrating on Facebook compares to other social media by how much money he spent. One year left until presidential election but he already spent $13 million on Facebook and Google ads. His official Facebook has around 1.5 million followers. The reason of why he focusing on Facebook is pretty simple, he wants to influence older people who are 50 or older than that. Most of Americans age of 50 and upper of the Democratic Party and its make easier to increase Facebook users and vote for Joe Biden. His official YouTube page has around 6 million subscribers. 1.9 billion people monthly active in You tube and 75% adults, 18-34 ages people using daily while 35+, 55+ ages people growing faster. Even though his channel doesn’t have enough videos, other news channels or his supporters posting many videos in YouTube. Twitter is another big platform that he using for his presidential campaign. 500 million people using twitter every day and 3.6 million of them are Joe Biden’s followers. 52% people of total 18-49 ages and it can directly influence these ages.

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Second is television is the big influential media that every candidates use on election campaign because people mainly get their information through television. Politicians spent enough money to TV ads. For example, in 2012 Obama spent 1 billion-plus $ which means cost 2.9$ every day. These moneys from Obama’s campaign committee, Democratic Party and Priorities USA Action super PAC. Another reason of spent much money for advertisement is it’s a chance to show their all advantages. Certainly political ads influence voter’s opinion. In 2019, there have 119.9 million homes with TV in the USA family which is huge amount of number. So voters interest to watch Candidates’ speech, meeting or public events and campaign works through watching television. Certainly political ads influence voter’s opinion. Since April 2015, people have watched more than 110 million hours of candidate- and issues-related content on YouTube which means people interested in commercials compared to past years.

Finally, poster is important part of the campaign. In one sentence include whole 4 years vision. When people don’t know about vote for which candidate or don’t like to read candidate’s whole 4 years platform, they decide by the posters. Poster is a same as business card, its represent the person and you have to put information many as possible to people contact with you. Posters make citizens want to vote. As I mentioned, every single person’s vote maters to the final decisions. Therefore, posters another role is give idea to vote.

Strategy that Joe Biden uses in this presidential election 2020 is social media network to reach potential voters. The biggest example is Barack Obama’s election years. As I mentioned before he using Facebook for mainly older voters. “Less is more” plan doesn’t involve too much campaigning in early campaign days. When candidates give interview, citizens always observing by how they react, talk or behave in front of television to know is this person can represent our country or not? Advertisement is the one of simple and common way to do campaign to show their advantage, increase voters and reach people many as possible. The candidates mostly participate to public events to express their opinion or meet with citizens during campaign days. The audiences have idea that news broadcasts show true information to them. So the candidates likes to shown by TV news broadcasts.

Joe Biden’s main audiences are mostly older people which are 32.7%. Upper middle age people conquer 49.4% which is high too. Adults and middle ages people 17.4% and teenager to young adults are 0.5%. The most intended audiences are people who are above 18 years old, United States citizen, politicians or their family members and political group members.

Joe Biden can reach over average ages and older people and getting their support. These days Joe concern about climate change issues, so that people carefully observing him. If he might find good way or point, he can attract more voters. He is most high waited candidate because lots of people hope the he was run for presidential election 2016 but he didn’t. Joe Biden has own fan/ supporter base because he worked as politician as many years and he was wise president during Barack Obama years. Joe published his book called “Promise Me, Dad” in 2017 which was became New York Times Bestseller.

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