Joga: Mental and Health Benefits

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People started doing yoga ages ago but recently it has become the new trend. It is not just the “trend” that compels people to practice it, but several researched and proven mental and health benefits as well. Some of these benefits are as follows:

Weight Reduction

On a physical level, Yoga aids in weight reduction and retain balance by means of the asanas (postures). There is a huge variety of asanas and each helps in weight reduction. Power Yoga and Vinyasa Flow are two types of yoga which efficiently reduce weight. They are quick paced and contain cardio and strength-training postures, increasing lean mass. Some of the styles require a touch of force by the practitioner. The more energetically you rehearse it, the more you enhance your muscle tones.

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Lung Capacity

A noteworthy part of a yoga is breath work. These distinctive activities teach the practitioner to deepen and lengthen their breath. With the perfect work out of the skeletal framework, lung and diaphragm capacity reach its maximum point. Practices like heavy, diaphragmatic breathing and inhaling and exhaling efficiently, instruct the body to expand the lung limit.


All healthy joints have one thing in common: they are regularly utilized and moved. Motion of joints encourages the creation of synovial liquid (a thick fluid that greases up the joint, evacuates debris and decreases the friction between the articular ligament of the joint). Without the synovial liquid, the ligament inside the joints can be exhausted, causing weakening and pain. A balanced yoga rehearse moves the body through the full range-of-motion inside the significant joints of the body.

Stress Reduction

Yoga is a mind and body practice that makes us mentally calm down all the hustles and bustles of our day to day activities, by setting all focus on our breathing. Because of that, it calms the endless mind chatter that mostly causes the stress. Hatha Yoga is ideal for individuals who live or work in exceedingly unpleasant environment.


Some of the most evident outcomes of rehearsing yoga are the increase in length and loosening of the muscles and connective tissues of the entire body. Yoga teaches us that our entire body is interconnected. You can’t disconnect tight hips from the lower back, creating strain and tightness there. In this way, the act of yoga attempts to connect these components to increase flexibility.

Improved Sleep

One of the primary ways that Yoga improves our sleep is through physical weakness. The tiring out of the body causes us to doze off easily at night. Another route is through meditation, by facilitating and quieting the mind causing a feeling of relaxation. The breathing activities help to expand oxygen levels which relax the nervous system and thus, induce sleep.

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