John Browns Raids and Helping Slaves

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John brown's raids and freeing slaves John Brown was born on May 9th, 1800 into a family of ten people eight of o them which were kids . He was born in Connecticut in a town called Torrington. His family was very religious, and his dad was very opposed of the idea of slavery. This is something that motivated him to do his raids and other stuff to try and stop slavery. When he was growing up he lived in a lot of anti-slavery communities. One place that his family moved to was Northern Ohio this part of the United States was very big on anti-slavery. With him living in anti-slavery neighborhoods this influenced him to help slaves because he was exposed to an anti-slavery community already so it made him think of slavery as a bad thing, and that he should do something about slavery. When he was growing up he encountered slavery a few times. One time his family did own one slave but they received him as a gift John played with him, and this is something that influenced John even further was that he got to see slavery first hand, and how it was bad even though they didn't treat him badly John played with him. He got to see that slavery was a bad thing and that it wasn't right. Something that may have led up to him helping slaves as a quote was This is a big part of him helping slaves because he was a very religious and him hearing this influenced him to do it. In John Brown's latter life before his raids he married Dianthe Lusk. They had seven children together. Dianthe died 12 years after she married John, she died on 1832.

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Latter he got married to Mary Ann Day on June 14th 1833 together they had thirteen children. John Brown now had a total of 20 kids, and of those twenty two of them helped John in his raids and died fighting to help with anti-slavery. After a murder of an abolitionist named Elijah lovejoy, John brown was motivated to help slaves and support with the anti-slavery cause. On 1847 there is a photograph taken by Augustus, and this photograph is taken because John Brown is swearing to have an unending war with slavery. This is a big part of him starting to help slaves and the start of doing big things to end slavery like his raids and protest that he did. Before his raids he was with a group of people that did that were anti-slavery they did protest in kansas. A quote from a website that describes what he thinks about slavery.This is also a big part of him doing his raids because since he thought that there was only one way to change how people thought and that was with violence. One thing that he did violent was that he did his raid on Harpers Ferry. Another thing that he did before his raid to help people from a quote from a website The reason why the stuff before his raids is important is because then you know that his raid wasn't the only thing that he did, and that there was a bunch of smaller stuff that led up to it. SInce he did do peaceful stuff before his raids you know that there was something that changed his mind to change to a raid. WIthout a meaning to do his raid he wouldn't do it that is why the stuff that he did before his raid is important.The people that funded his raids were six people John was introduced to these people in 1857 Frank Sanborn introduced Hohn to six people that would fund his raids and the guns and other weapons that he needed to do his raids.

A quote from this web site It says that they were called the secret six so they must not have want people to know that they were funding John Brown. John brown's raid was at night on october 16th, 1859.When John Brown did his raid eighteen people went in to do the raid and take some of the guns three people stayed behind. He did his raid because he was going to take some of their guns and then latter he would go of to the south of the united states were slavery was the most common and revolt against the people there.After his raids he was caught and was found guilty for treason and first degree murder. He wanted his wife to come and see him before he was hung he sent letters to her about how he was caught and how he was injured and was about to be hung. He sent her money in a letter of his to her to come and see him before he was hung she did not come before he was hung. John Brown was hung December 2, 1859 in a town called Charles town, virginia a quote from the website. They were afraid of John Brown and what could happen as a result of what he did. Before he was hung he sent and received a lot of letters for example one of the letter said how Mahala Doyle husband and her two boys were murdered in cold blood in her yard and how she witnessed it.His raid had a big effect on people after his raids an example of this is that the slaves started to come together and start fight people for their rights.Another thing that happened because of his raid is that "The Union general Robert H. Milroy, stationed near Harpers Ferry, read Lincoln's proclamation aloud to his regiment, which spontaneously thundered forth the war song his raid was a war song so it was inspiration for people at that time. He also made people change from peaceful protest to violent raids and other stuff to help the cause of ending slavery.

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