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As you get older, searching for a career that go hand in hand with all aspects of you as a person can be extremely challenging for most. John L. Holland is one that recognized the struggle, therefore, he created a code that would help millions figure out where they belong in the career field. Holland’s theory has positively impacted many, especially learners in college because of his six-point hexagon idea. His theory has in fact highly influenced my career decision as well.

Holland’s theory, according to Career Key, suggests there are six distinctive personality types that influence how we interact with others, work technique and ideology, and of course career decisions and developments due to our specific values and skills based on the personality types. The six personality types that are predominant in modern culture consist of: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. The whole purpose of Holland’s methods and ideals is to match our personality types to compatible environments in order to achieve success and emotional satisfaction. Finding compatibility will indubitably spotlight our passion and sense of purpose due to us being able to “use our skills and abilities and express our values and attitudes”. It is a useful tool among unsure college students indeed.

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Holland’s theory and personality divisions will not only guide hesitant students towards their passion, but show them the type the environment where they will most likely succeed. Familiarizing yourself with this information early in college will definitely serve as a benefit, in order to be confident as a student making these important decisions. ‘Work it Daily ‘believes that it is especially important to have a career plan in mind so that there is always a goal to reach for. Growing up, I had a very bright and vivid idea of who I would like to become as an adult. For example, a veterinarian (like most little girls dream of) or basically a pretty woman in nice clothes topped off with a lab coat. As I get older, eventually reality starts to set in when I have to start actually thinking about what I would like to do for the rest of my life. Taking this test definitely was an eye opener as to who I am as a person, as well as what I could be looking for career wise. ‘Talentinsights’ writes about how many don’t firmly believe in the Holland code because of its “simplicity “. As for me, my results didn’t completely shock me. The career exploration described me as Enterprising, Social, Conventional and Realistic; making my Holland code ESCR. The job titles I received were somewhat shocking yet logical such as, anywhere from a counselor to an anesthesiologist. This particular career exploration defiantly made me more confident as to what direction I would be most successful in. I have always loved the idea of being involved in the business world. Because the world of business is overwhelmingly huge, the Holland theory guided me into which aspect I would be greatest in, which of course is market research.

Holland’s theory has positively impacted many, including myself when he came up with the idea of a six-point hexagon. Many adult learners struggle with making that wise decision of which career choice is perfect for them. Holland’s code was designed to individually place adult learners in the right path that suits every aspect of that person, as well as giving everyone inspiration for other career ideas outside of their box.

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