Journey to the Palace East of the Sun and West of the Moon


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The wind was blowing hard and pushing the icy snow up against the little cottage where Kaylen and Spencer lived. It was a dark night and the clouds covered the moon, now full, desperately trying to shine through the clouds. A terrifying blizzard was raging outside the little cottage and everything was covered in a thick layer of freezing white snow. The fire was crackling inside the stone fireplace of the little cottage. Korta, the third eldest daughter of Kaylen and Spencer, had a baby girl that dark winter’s night. Though being too young, she had to give her precious baby up. No one knew who the baby’s father was.

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Korta had shiny blond hair and blueish green eyes. The baby had beautiful shiny golden light brown hair and beautiful green eyes. Kaylen and Spencer, Kora, Kamilia, Korta, and Kolsten’s parents, took the baby girl and raised her as their own. Kora and Ston, had their first baby three months after Korta had hers. Kora and Ston named their baby Belia, while Korta had not named hers. Kota’s baby was known simply as Pika which meant girl. When the Pika was eight years of age, her father, Spencer died of an unknown illness.

Kolsten went away on a journey across the sea for many years. He left right after their father died. When he came back, the Pika was very happy. She had not seen her brother in years. When he left she was a little girl, when he came back, she was becoming a very beautiful, young women. Kolsten returned but had a haunted look in his eyes and looked much older than what he was.

He called the Pika, Lass which also meant girl. The girl had changed and now had shiny golden brown hair and green eyes with brown around the pupil. The lass had three step brothers from her dad’s side: Alton, Askeladden, and Alsten. But Kolsten was the Lass’s favorite brother. She would sit by him by the fire and he would tell her stories of his journies while carving symbols into wood. Sometimes, he would tell her what the symbols meant.

One day, news had spread around the little village that a White Reindeer had been spotted. Askeladden, always being the most ambitious, set out to hunt down the White Reindeer. The Lass followed but stopped by the stables to check on the animals then set off. She saw hoofprints in the icy snow leading up the mountain and she followed them. She saw a bunch of men looking for the reindeer too. She followed the hoofprints and came across the magical beast. It was whiter than snow and had eyes as black as coal and antlers the size of a full grown man’s arm span. Its antlers were caught in brambles and as it pulled, drops of scarlet blood flung to the ground. The Lass knelt on the ground by it and pulled out her blade and carefully cut it free, trying to save as many of the branches as possible so there would be cloudberries in the summer.

Once the magical creature was free, it spoke to her and gave her one wish. The Lass wished that Kolsten would be happy again and the haunted look would leave his eyes but the White Reindeer couldn’t grant it. Instead, it touched its velvety nose to the Lass’s forehead and gave her something that she had always wanted; a name. It was the most beautiful name that the Lass had ever heard and it was hers to keep. She warned the White Reindeer about the men and it took off. She immediately rushed home and told Kolsten everything that had happened, from the journey, to the men, to the Reindeer and finally to her name. She asked him if he wanted to hear her name and he smiled and said, “No, you keep it to yourself and cherish it always. It is a very special thing and you don’t want it to get tired out.” The Lass nodded and smiled and they headed to the kitchen for supper.

The next day, Kora’s father in law, Calston brought her a gift. It was whining and squirming and trying to get out of the blanket that it was in. The Lass took the present and found that it was a newborn puppy, though it looked more like a wolf. The Lass named it Calon, after after Calston. The “dog” was pitch black with a white belly and piercing ice blue eyes.

The Lass heard talking and thought that it was her brother but no one was there. It was just her and Calen. She soon found out that she could understand animals and could talk to them like she was having a conversation with another human being. Word got around the village and people payed to have her find out what was wrong with their animals and to train them. One day, there was news of an Isbjorn spotted. The king would make the person who brought its pelt to him rich. Of course, Askeladdin had to do it so he set off. He came back hours later huffing and puffing because he couldn’t find it. The door swung open and there was a white beast standing in the doorway barely small enough to fit. Its fur was whiter than snow and it had piercing black eyes. Kolsten’s face and body went as the snow, white, and was shaking. The Isbjorn started roaring and growling and only the Lass understood what it was saying. Her family looked at her expectantly and she told them that it wanted her to go with it. Kolsten got very mad and yelled at the ice bear “ Get out! She will not take another”.

The Isbjorn could barely talk and said that he heard of a girl that could talk to animals and that she needed to come with him right away to stay with him for one year and one day in the Palace of Ice. The Lass went, against her brother’s wishes, and went with the bear but only if Calen could come. Kolsten gave her his beautiful white parka and boots to wear. The bear raced off with the Lass on his back. They went up the mountain and met another Isbjorn and the first one roared and told the Lass to stay put. The Lass heard the other Isbjorn pleading with her Isbjorn to let it live. The Lass’s Isbjorn apologized and roared again and left. The Lass climbed onto its back and they set off. Out of the corner of her eye, the Lass saw the men gang up on the other Isbjorn and kill it.

The Isbjorn was running as fast as the wind with Calen hard on their heels. After a while they stopped and rested. Calen was panting hard and whining so the Isbjorn growled something in a low voice to the dog and soon, Calen was running alongside the Lass and Isbjorn. The Lass fell asleep on the Isbjorn back and soon they had arrived at the Palace of Ice. The Lass had no clue how long she had been asleep, when she woke up she saw the dazzling silhouette of the Ice Palace. It was the tallest thing she had ever seen. She followed the Isbjorn inside and got shown to her chambers. It was beautiful inside. It had ice pillars with the strange symbols that Kolsten carved into wood. It was made completely of ice. Everything inside of it was ice.

The Lass sat down in the armchair in her sitting room and was startled as a servant came and told her that supper would be served soon. She explored the rooms and found a closet full of beautiful dresses that were way too big for her. She put one of the dresses on and fixed it up so it fit her and went to dinner. The food was the best she had ever tasted. After a few days, the Lass got curious and started exploring. She found the kitchen and screamed, there were so many creatures that she didn’t even know existed. The servant that had came to get her for supper was named Erasmus and he was a Faun. Fiona was a Selkie, Mrs. Grey was a Gargoyle, and the cooks were giant Salamanders. Erasmus escorted the Lass back to her chambers after she got acquainted with all of the servants. She took a bath and slipped on a nightgown that she found in her closet that was way too big but it didn’t matter because she was just going to sleep.

There was a fireplace in her sitting room that had the same symbols as the ones on the fireplace in the corridor. Calen was sleeping by the fireplace in her sitting room. She went to sleep and around midnight, when she was half asleep, she felt a weight on the other side of the huge bed. She got up and went to go out to her sitting room but the door was locked. She took one of the blankets and pillows and laid down on the floor almost asleep when she felt someone lift her up and gently place her back on the bed and got in on the other side and heaved a sigh. The next day, the Lass woke up and it was gone. She asked Calen if he saw or smelled anyone come in but he said no.

The Lass studied the strange writing on the pillars and explored when she could. Her nightly visitor came again that night and picked her up and carried her back to bed. She felt its face and it felt human. It had sharp features and came again every single night. After a while, the Lass got used to it and gave up on trying to sleep somewhere else because it would always pick her up and carry her.

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