Jrotc and Living with Integrity and Losing with Dignity

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Understanding Living with Integrity in JROTC
  • Interpreting Integrity, Dignity, and Humility in Life and JROTC
  • Conclusion


What exactly does “Live your Life with Integrity, Lose with Dignity, Win with Humility” mean to you? To me it means living your life to the fullest with no worries. It also means staying on top of your game and being responsible and to take actions for all your mistakes. When I hear the phrase “Win with Humility” it means to take pride in your work and to do your job as a whole, especially in JROTC. So what does it mean to you? Everyone has a different point of view on how they see things.

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Understanding Living with Integrity in JROTC

To live your with Integrity means to live life with no worries by doing everything you would like to with leadership skills and with responsibility. It doesn't just mean to act all out and do whatever you would like to. Do things right now as a teenager and don't ruin or mess up your reputation. To me dignity means you’re not going to beat yourself or anyone else up, for how you feel. Losing with dignity means congratulating the winner and reaching deep down to be happy for them. Winning is a process, not an end, so dignity means you’re attached to the process, not the win. A winner perfects the process because dignity learns. To win with Humility means to be humble upon anything you come across. In JROTC, you have to learn how to be humble and to be prepared with anything that you might need.

Interpreting Integrity, Dignity, and Humility in Life and JROTC

Living with Integrity shows you how to be the best of you and how to live with no worries. Losing with dignity teaches you how to be accepting with the fact that you didn't win and teaches you how to deal and cope with it. It also teaches you how to be a team player and how to congratulate the people who did win. It teaches you how to be compassionate and how to be a good neighbor. Winning with humility means being the same person you were before you won. To act and feel like a loser when deep down you know that you achieved something. My mom would always tell me “Sueña grande, trabaja duro, y permanece humilde” which all translates to dream big, work hard, and still always stay humble. She would always say this to me and my siblings because she said that we were very fortunate to have the things that we do.


We don’t always know what life has in store for us, but when it comes to whether we win or lose, why does it suddenly matter what way we end up? It is important to live life in the moment and take every second for what it’s worth. We plan for our future, but it’s not guaranteed, only hoped for. It is important to “live in the present and take life day by day.” Living in this way will teach priority and responsibility, as well as structure. To be a part of the junior reserve officer training corp and pass to becoming a good citizen you are taught and tested on these key factors so you can go out in the world and you know how to take to certain situations and don’t look disrespectful.    

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