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Judgement as Unconscious Human Tendency

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Hours have gone by, you have spent almost all day getting yourself prepared for a job interview. Attempting to foresee every potential question that may be asked, thinking intensely about every detail: When giving that handshake make sure to make eye contact, remembering to sit up upright, having washed neat looking hair. But regardless all the effort spent trying to make that good impression, the second that recruiter lays their eyes on you the interview may already be over. The simple human action of blinking your eyes, one can already decide whether or not to hire, date, like, or hate the person. These impressions paint the way we interact with others. Simply just by music choice or preferences, one can assume if you listen to punk rock you would dress in all black, have a bunch of piercings and your body would be covered in tattoos. But if you listen to classical you are most likely more intelligent, timid and are viewed as feminine. Through which we pass these judgments, from the minute we have entered into this world we are exposed to the human tendency of judgment and are taught to be the best individual you can be all the way to how to hold you fork properly at dinner.

Through power, phenomena of social con-struction, and the influence of social media we can make the assumption that these are the roots of where judgments have come from. In general, power is identified as either having power to do something or having power over something/someone. Within this context I’m going to narrow the concept of power into gen-der relations. This is a concept that is present within various levels of society in ways that gender is what shapes our outlook of power. Inequalities shared between men and women is seen as one of the most prevalent patterns within the concept of power. Although many changes have been made for equality between genders, in many households still to this day the women retain their traditional roles while the men go to work to provide for the family. Yes women are now allowed to vote and yes women are now allowed to participate in sports but that still doesn’t get rid of the problem itself.

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Gender Bias and Gender Stereotype

Me, being a female that is fairly pe-tite, one may assume that I would much rather dance ballet or figure skate over playing a game of soccer or football based off of my appearance itself. In comparison to a male in that circum-stance the assumptions made would be the complete opposite. Although this is a general exam-ple, by associating men with sports such as football and soccer you automatically link them with traits such as; tough and strong as opposed to a female being linked with traits such as; graceful, soft, and delicate because the assumed sport for a women would be dance such as ballet. Given these aspects we can now link power and authority with sport. When thinking of sport you will automatically think of a male figure rather than a female, which leads me to believe that inequal-ity between genders is still an ongoing issue and men are still seen as a hierarchy when it comes to power. As individuals we were all raised and continue to grow in a society of judgment. From the very first day you developed your first words to the day you are getting ready for your very first job interview. This aspect falls into a category of social construction. This is a phenomena or practice to which we give meaning, as we live our lives with one another. We as individuals ex-perience this phenomena in our every day lives through social interactions, institutions, and cul-ture. From the very first day we have entered this world, our parents have made it a mission to raise us as individuals to be the best that we can be, from teaching us proper etiquette to how to APA 3dress appropriately. This is all a reflection of how someone views you. Parents teach you manners because that is the number one assumption that someone can make of you while inter-acting. One can be perceived as less intelligent, or have a poor background when you have low etiquette or table manners as oppose to you eating with a fork and a knife with your mouth closed. Within institutions, educational systems are a component that plays a role in our every-day lives, which can influence others to make assumptions on how intelligent you are based on if you attend college or university.

For years I have been told to not attend college and to go to uni-versity instead because I will be viewed as smarter. Culture being the last aspect, our choice of music or film reflects the way we are viewed as individuals. If I were to listen to punk music people would make the assumption that I wear all black, I have piercings and tattoos all over my body in comparison to someone who listens to pop music. These are all primary examples of how judgements are made about you through features of your body from the way you dress to how you present yourself. Although these human tendencies in everyone are unconscious, our everyday choices still reflect who and how we are as individuals. As generations keeps progressing, the development of technology and the use of social media is now seen as a part of our routine and our everyday lives. “No one is perfect” yet we all somehow find it way too easy to judge one another on a daily basis without giving it a second thought. For the past few years the dramatic increased amount of users on social media all around the globe have also found a way to concurrently use this resource as a source to base our perceptions off of. Advantages do come along with having inherent, and does serve as a valuable resource to help us keep in contact with loved one far or near. But despite all of that we as individuals have become dependant on social media for perceptions of ourselves and others. The expression used through our daily lives “don’t judge a book by is cover” is used very frequently but we still continue to scroll through someones instagram gallery and feel like we can already get a good sense of who they truly are.

With social media being something that the whole world uses we are exposed to judgment that some might not even notice. By scrolling through that one persons feed you are analyzing that persons interests, personality, and bodily features which leads you to make judgments of that person just by the way their body looks. This then proves that judgements can be made based off of how your body looks, how you move your body and how you dress or present your body.

In conclusion, although judgement is an unconscious human tendency it will be some-thing that will remain being faced through all of eternity. Through power, phenomena of social construction and the influence that social media has on us individuals, we learn that although we perceive judgment as an unconscious human tendency, we establish that judgments are made and come from your body itself. The way you dress and present your body is the way people will view you.


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