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The artist succeeds at formally introducing all of the characters in the painting. Contextually, by lining the gods up in this order, the artist has successfully created a sense of movement that helps explain the historic roman myth. As with all myths, this particular story evokes emotions of compassion and beauty as the gods work together to bring about the birth of Venus.

The artwork communicates the idea that beauty can act as a uniting force in the world. The seemingly unrelated gods are working together to achieve a common goal. While some abstract concepts are present, the artist appears to have spent more time perfecting the formal, traditional forms to create a realistic and sensible style. The piece is based of off Greek and roman mythology, yet it doesn't feel like it is forcing the viewer to accept the story as truth. The emphasis is instead placed on the moral lessons behind the story. As far as can be seen, there is no sort of propaganda message to be seen here. The value of this work instead comes from the historic and religious beliefs. The value of any artwork is derived from the insights and lessons that can be learned from them. This particular work can teach many lessons ranging from the concept of beauty to putting aside differences for the greater good. Likely, the artists themselves will be forgotten, their names simply attached to the works they created. But the painting will likely carry on, simply because of its combination of historic, artistic, and religious values. Overall, the painting satisfies several of my requirements for it to be considered a work of art. It is aesthetically pleasing, the painting has both a significant symbolic and literal meaning, and its rhythm and style do not upset or strain the viewer. Its interpretations are wide but also focused and its meaning could be different to every viewer.

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The focal point is obviously Venus. In her facial expression she seems to convey peacefulness. I think her look is meant to be tender and divine The nudity with which she is displayed is not sinful, but more so innocent; she is making a concealing gesture with her long hair. Venus’ body itself is very long and disproportionate, almost as a symbol of Mannerism which I believe became popular a few decades later. Her stance is not quite counter posed, it is relaxed and almost half-hearted. Her positioning on the edge of the shell are unrealistic to me. Only in art could Venus’ weight actually be well-supported in such a way. That is the importance of this painting. The weight is not an object, it is the remarkable image of Venus; her movement; and the light, airy feel that the viewer perceives which make the painting what it is.

Other paintings, such as “Venus of Urbino” by Titian, display an erotic Venus, but in the artwork “The Birth of Venus” you can see that she is trying to show respect or modesty in her surroundings. In this work of art, I think Venus draws all attention to herself and she symbolizes beauty, which is both spiritual and physical. I tend to like this Venus more because it seems like she’s almost embarrassed to be naked and she covers herself in such an elegant matter which is beautiful.  

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