Juliet, as a Very Powerful Woman Throughout Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet Love Play

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Juliet Capulet is a very brave and clever female in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet love Play. She made many selections that have been very unheard of for a lady and noticed matters in an extraordinary mild than others in the play. She was once brave for defying her father's desires as nicely as the traits of the times. She used to be additionally courageous for going thru with Friar Lawrence's diagram even with all her fears terrorizing her mind. A remaining first-class that makes Juliet one of the strongest characters in the play is her intelligence. Considering her age, she used to be some distance greater mature than the common teenager. She used to be in a position to see the fact of her scenario and see actual love.

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Juliet was once very brave and courageous for pursuing Romeo rather than marrying Paris. At the time, it used to be nearly unheard of for a female to marry for love. Her father had set up an organized marriage for her to increase her social position. That's what marriage was once in Shakespeare's time. It used to be extra of a commercial enterprise appeal than an occasion of love. But as a substitute for accepting she had to marry Paris, she selected Romeo. Romeo was once a greater difficult choice, however, she cherished him and felt he was once well worth the risk. She entrusted her future lifestyles to him which is a frightening aspect to do, in particular when she has a tons safer alternative with Paris.

Along with having the power to disobey her family’s wishes, Juliet additionally was once extraordinarily courageous to believe and go thru with Friar Lawrence’s plan. Friar Lawrence wishes her to drink a potion that would make her sleep for forty-two hours and show up useless to her family. By agreeing to this, Juliet is put at hazard to be buried alive and ought to come across horrible smells and her shrieks. She is additionally apprehensive she won’t wake up earlier than Romeo can store her. Friar Lawrence's graph has many flaws in it, and yet, she nevertheless decides to drink the potion towards all her fears. That takes a magnificent deal of braveness and electricity to do, all for love.

An ultimate attribute that makes Juliet such an effective section of this play is her intelligence. It may additionally now not appear like it however Juliet is simply a teenager, nearly 14. Her maturity degree grows over the route of the play. When she learns about her organized marriage to Paris, she acknowledges her obligation to her household and is obedient to their wishes. She has the same opinion to provide him a chance, however, she isn’t going to go out of her way to fall in love with him. That was once very mature of her to be aware of she would as an alternative have actual love than settle for greater power.

Some might also argue that different characters, like Romeo, are the strongest characters in the play, however, the genuine energy lies in that of a 13-year-old female who is being pressured into an organized marriage however as a substitute chooses to do something it takes for the hazard at actual love. 

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