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Julius Caesar – One Of The Most Respected Leaders in The World’s History

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One of the most respected leaders in history would have to be Julius Caesar, Leader of Romans and all men. There are many things that make Caesar a respected leader, he was a man of code and honor who did great things. A few very important things that made him who he was are the fact that he made sure to take care of his people, he took it upon himself to complete tough tasks instead of passing them down, and he trained his troops extremely well.

Firstly, Caesar wasn’t like all dictators, he actually cared for his people. He took care of his people in more ways than one. When he came into power, he passed a few reforms that helped a lot. Caesar gave land to Romans who were too poor to buy it, he made sure military veterans had land to come home to after their service. Most importantly though, he passed a law against extortion and threatening someone to get what you want.

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Also, Julius Caesar wasn’t one to pass blame or hard jobs onto others. He took the hardest job they had, which was executing deserters. This is because he didn’t believe in delegating the most difficult of tasks, he believed that because he was the leader, he deserved the worst task. He would take the blame off his delegated leaders when he lost a lot of troop due to his own failure to think ahead.

Finally, Caesar was a very smart leader when it came to war as well. His troops were trained to be very skillful. Instead of using longswords, short swords, big or medium weapons, they used small daggers. This is something that made his troops have to think on their feet, and have fast reaction times. His troops became very skilled at war, they were agile and strong. They had to be able to predict how their opponents would move and attack because most all other armies used longer and stronger weapons.

In conclusion, Julius Caesar was an amazing leader for many reasons, but mainly because he always took care of his people and was close to them. He always took responsibility for his people and actions. He trained his armies to fight with small weapons for difficult training and difficult fights. All these made Caesar the most respected leader in history.


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