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Kamala Harris, Her Family and Career Background

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The strength and stability of American democracy have been the subject of intense debate in recent times. However, there are few women who have made giants strides and have been recognized for their unparalleled contributions in the sphere of American politics; Kamala Harris happens to be one of them. The top-notch American political icon has held strategic positions since the inception of her career in 1990. Notably, she is the first woman of South Asian background and second Afro-American to serve in the United States Senate.

Interestingly, Kamala is a staunched Democrat and has been one of the most proactive women in American politics. Currently, serving as a Senator representing California in the US Senate, Kamala has also unveiled plans of vying for Presidency in the forthcoming 2020 US election. Additionally, she had served as California’s Attorney General for six years as well as San Francisco’s District Attorney before her current stint as a Senator. Learn more about Kamala Harris below.

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Age and Ethnicity

The prominent politician Kamala Devi Harris came into this world on October 20, 1964, and her birth took place in Oakland City of California in the United States. Her parents are both Jamaican and Indian immigrants to the United States making her have a mixed ethnicity. She also possesses an American nationality. Kamala didn’t experience a stable childhood as her parents separated when she was very young. Along with her sister, Kamala was raised by a single mother; they lived in Canada, India, and California.

Harris schooled at the Westmount High School situated in Quebec, Canada and after her graduation, she went on to attend Howard University in Washington D. C. There she got a bachelor’s degree in political science and economics. During her college days, Kamala was a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority as well as the liberal arts student council. Soon after her graduation, she went back to California where she attended Hastings College of Law for her Juris Doctor which she got in 1989.

Professional Career

Kamala was installed as a member of the State Bar of California in 1990 and in the same year, she was made a deputy district attorney. She served in that position in Alameda County for eight years ending in 1998. After her stint as a deputy attorney, Kamala earned several appointments to different state boards until 2000. She was recruited by San Francisco’s City attorney Louise Renne in 2000 and while she was there, she handled several civil code enforcement cases.

Three years later, she triumphed over a two-term incumbent Terence Hallinan to win the District Attorney of the City and County of San Francisco in 2003. Serving under the governance of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the attorney made a huge impact in the judicial system of San Francisco. She was re-elected for the same position in 2007. Following her great work ethics and top-notch record, Kamala quickly rose through the ranks and was installed as the Attorney General of California in 2010.

She served in that capacity for six years and in 2016; following the retirement of the California’s Senator Barbara Boxer, she declared her intention to run for the California’s senatorial seat. After winning the primary nominations, she was endorsed by Obama and Joe Biden. She went on to defeat Loretta Sanchez to win the senatorial election. Since then, she has been representing California in the United States Senate under Trump’s administration.

Just recently, in January 2019, Kamala announced her interest in contesting for Presidency in the forthcoming 2020 US elections. Following her standing records and excellent achievements, Kamala would undoubtedly pulled a lot of stunts in the election. If she wins, she would become the first balck female president and the first South-Asian to serve in that position.

The American Senator, Kamala Harris has recorded tremendous successes since the inception of her career. She has been an active figure in the US political domain for over two decades and counting. She has accumulated huge wealth for herself and is currently living a decent lifestyle. That said, Kamala Harris’ net worth is currently penned at $2 million. She made her wealth from salaries and other business endeavors.

Harris with Her Husband

Kamala Harris was born to Donald Harris and his wife Shyamala Harris. Her dad, originally from Jamaican works as an economics professor at Stanford University while her mother is a breast cancer scientist from India. Her parents both met each other while studying at the University of California, Berkeley. Kamala was raised by her mother after parents separated when she was seven. She is just one sibling, a sister named Maya Harris. She currently works a political analyst at MSNBC network. Their parents divorced when she was just seven years old. Kamala grew up in a very traditional and culture prone setting. She attended Baptist Church where she and her sister sang with the church choir; they also went to Hindu temples along with her mother.

While she has become successful in life, Kamala fell in love with a man named Douglas Emhoff. Just like Harris, Douglas is equally an attorney in California and has previously worked for a Los Angeles-based law firm called Venable LLP. The lovely couple met each other back in 2014 and started their relationship after a while. After a few months, they tied the knot in August 2014; their wedding took place in a Courthouse at Santa Barbara County. Prior to their marriage, Douglas previously had two kids from his past relationship. After his marriage to Kamala, she adopted his two children as her own children. Kamala and her amazing family currently reside in a mansion in Brentwood, California.


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