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Kambira: Open Innovation Platform for Ai & Robotics

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Before the advent of technology, crude tools and devices were used by man to accomplish his goals and objectives. This method of accomplishing task was very slow, inefficient, ineffective and found work burdensome. It resulted in man been present to do the job because those crude devices can’t function themselves unless utilised by man himself. Thereafter came technology.

Some might say technology has caused more harm than good. No, l disagree with that, as there is no good without evil, no advantage without disadvantage. As there is always a bad side to every new era. Take the French or Chinese revolution for instance, though it was meant to achieve greatness, but many had to loose their life for the sake of a better society. All for the greater good. This is how i view technology, that it was meant for the greater good of mankind.

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Let’s imagine how the world today would have been without mobile phone for communication, television, automobiles, internet and other interesting innovations and inventions. I bet it would have been one boring society. As technology begin to improve, things that was thought to be impossible to accomplish was made possible and accomplished. Take the Wright brothers who invented the first aircraft for instance, when they came up with the idea of man flying, people thought they were joking and they were laughed at and mocked saying such fit was impossible. But they did not give up but remained committed in achieving their dreams. This finally lead to the invention of aircraft man is enjoying today. Many men and women have devoted their time and energy into improving on already existing technology, which would make our lives a more enjoyable one. These efforts have metamorphosed into inventions like computers and other smart devices man is enjoying today.

As technology kept on improving, the idea of creating a system that will be able to specific task effectively and efficiently, thereby making humans job less difficult. All the system will require is to give it the required command and it will carry out the task as instructed. For this reason artificial intelligence which lead to the invention of robots were developed. Robots are artificial intelligence that can perform specific task as instructed to do using programming language that it understand. With the invention of robots it would have been thought that life would be less stressful as it will get to a time when the use of robots will be incorporated into our everyday lives performing simple basic task like cleaning, cooking, teaching and assisting humans in all possible ways. But this might not be possible due to the high cost of manufacture of these robots, thereby making it unsellable in our day-to-day consumer market. As the ones already developed are only found in facilities were researches are carried out as a result of high cost price. For this purpose of trying to solve this eminent problem, KAMBIRA was developed.

Kambira is a platform that serves to bring together people who are actively involved in the robotics world with the sole purpose of trying to improve on already existing foundation and success achieved so far and also trying to minimize the cost of robots production, thereby making robotic products marketable in our everyday market. Kambira is not only interested in the development of robotic technology, it is also keen at making these products marketable and sellable to everyday buyers, thereby incorporating these technology into our everyday lives.

In a bid to reward those that have and will continually contribute immensely and positively to the robotics sector, it has introduced it’s token called Kambira token (KAT), which will serve as motivation for it’s developers, manufacturers, and all those that will make the platform a success.


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