Kambria:fueling the Economy of Robotics

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The importance of Robotics technology in the world today cannot be over emphasized as the world advances daily technologically in a great manner. Robots are reprogrammable multi-function manipulator designed to move material, parts, tools, or specialized devices through variable programmed motions for the performance of a variety of tasks. Because of the presence of computing power which makes robots programmable and Artificial Intelligence(AI) which makes robots to be able to think and reason on a complicated level, they have become a high necessity in the world today.

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Industrially, robots have been adopted but at home, they haven’t because companies involved in the making of robots haven’t been able to make ones which attract low payments and also cater to day to day needs of consumers in a safe and secure manner meaning without any form of accidents or hazards. In the robotics industry, the problem having to do with production has been a limiting factor to b the progress and advancement of the robotics industry because robots programmed to do different work in the house that cost way less than those for higher and harder work e.g in facilities for research. And these problems and more which have all United as one to form a stopping block have existed since without being solved and still lurk in the robotics industry today. Because of these set backs, the industry haven’t been able to grow fully as it was originally meant to do, making it seem overrated when it isn’t. These are what kambria wants to bring an end to in the robotics industry so it can serve it’s true purpose to mankind.

What is the kambria project and what can it give? Kambria is a project aiming at creating a platform in which the rate of growth in the industry is on a higher side in terms of being very rapid, and also production of services to consumers is affordable and not complicated. It looks at using this it’s various tactics of development to foster the warm welcome of a new age of technological advancement in the world with the introduction of Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Robotics. Most people in the world who are into robotics have had meaningful ideas to the advancement of the industry but haven’t been able to let it out due to various setbacks as mentioned earlier. This doesn’t happen with choosing kambria as the platform for letting out ideas as it looks to take that idea from the root to the pinnacle of production. Kambria places its focus on robots for consumers as that is one area with a lot of potential that hasn’t been tapped into yet by many robotics platform. Many of these platforms prefer focusing on robots for industrial use neglecting the reason to see that humans still doing house chores and other activities at home should be seen as outdated and therefore granted to the next generation of intelligence which are the robots.

Kambria’s founders in their early days where able to create a robot called the ohmni robot for video chatting. So this is kambria is trying to achieve, building robots at affordable prices that are capable of carrying out the day to day activities of man without complaint and 100% perfection.

In conclusion, using the blockchain technology, Kambria has been able to create a group all having the same goal in sight at a more rapid rate and power in comparison to other platforms. With their tokens they do not need sponsorship for the advancement of their goal giving them the ability to get all the technology that have been and will be made allowing them the edge over other platforms. Kambria and it’s team members will be able to create a better world if given the chance to do so.

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