Karma: Spirituality and Leadership

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Now a day’s leaders face steady influences and confusion in globalized markets. There is also the prerequisite for the to interact with a wide variety of, stakeholders those are including s government and industry regulators suppliers, customers, and people from diverse multicultural, and religious backgrounds. This is a massive task for performance brilliance. Often, a company’s harmony depends on the corporations interpretation the dynamic world methods to include its knowledge . Transformational leadership act as a source of inherent inspiration (Lee & Koh, 2001)

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Spirituality is a burning topic now a days with a wide view (Chawla & Guda, 2010,). Diverse viewpoints of Literature reconcile into a more consistent conceptualization. Spirituality and Leadership (Cavanagh & Bandsuch, 2002; Other magnitudes may also exist, for example, transcendental inspiration toward the harmony (Vallejo,2008; Yang, 2004), Participative leadership might affect work performance Huang et al (2010), different work performances between social control and non-managerial subordinates.

A leader always influences others to understand and agree upon, what need to be done and how to do it for achieving the organization objectives. The leadership is the process of facilitating individual and through collective efforts to accomplish shared objectives through continuous upgrading knowledge and different soft skill.

The leadership is a continuous process of in-depth self-exploration beyond personal consciousness. A Leader should always remain aware about Knowledge of pure consciousness of which we all are the part. The concept is found in the oldest scriptures, known as Vedanta and Upanishads of India. Vedanta speaks of the bondage of ignorance and illusion in individuals. The Person who lacks the cognitive content of the eternal self, need to develop to become effective Leader through following the path of the realization that we all are of part of Universal One Consciousness (Adyata).

The idea and faith on universal soul and relation between individual souls which generate selfless love, empathy. It also gives extra power to acquire knowledge and leadership qualities. The Spiritual leaders of this kind can stimulate others in culture (as a macro-level factor) and social control position (as a micro-level factor). (Chen et al., 2013) Spirituality and Leadership was explained in a broader aspect (Cavanagh & Bandsuch, 2002) .

Spiritual leadership (SL) has recently been recognized as an extra value-oriented new-generation leadership. (Avolio et al., 2009). Fernando, M. (2011) explained methods and models used to study Spirituality and Leadership. The Models that scholars are applying to study the concept. Spirituality within the geographic point has become the topic of various studies in recent years. A well-documented theory of leadership introduced by Judge et al (2003). The Capable leaders often gave equal importance to the assignments as well as the social or emotional challenges in their team encountered. Kerr and Jermier (1987) suggested substitutes for leadership theories by shifting the focus to circumstances that tend to neutralize the temperaments of the leadership.

A contingency theory of leadership supported the worldviews of five religions. It further explores the implications of the model for organizational leadership in an increasingly the political uncertain and evolving global economy. Primarily from the subsequent spiritual traditions: Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism facts have been collected. Leaders whose values and behaviours formed by a spiritual paradigm. For this function spirituality can visit the search for self-transcendence and the attendant feeling of connectedness with all things within the world. Kriger, M., & Seng, Y. (2005).

The study shows that good corporate karma leadership for achieving success are not out of date. Good karma can contribute financial growth, reputation and satisfaction for all stakeholder in the corporate world. Those are in-fact very progressive techniques of gaining success. Therefore, it states our second objective the strategies of leadership should be effective in the present-day time and is relevant. Gita supports and promotes definite vision and thoughts, which has created a target in the contemporary world as a key basis for achievement to any organization or an individual. 

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