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It is fantastic to have a journey with our loved ones. A party day with your friends may be a most memorable day in your life. It is pretty sure you can remember the day you get married, the first birthday of your baby and also the first day in your carrier. It will be an amazing fact if you can memorise all the all the funny incidence of your life at one place. Not only the funny moments sometimes there are memories to keep in our hearts that feels emotional. However, it may be difficult to memorise all the spots in your life. Due to this issue, most of the people are going for photos and videos to keep their memories with them forever. In this modern decades, social media have spread their roots all over the world. Therefore keeping your private memories in your device is a bit challenging task.

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By considering this fact most of the peoples are explore methods to keep their gallery private. Then Safe Gallery is the ideal APK that you have to research. This application is an important as well as a necessary tool to keep in your device. It provides you to secure media experience. Since it is can be protected by a password you can keep hundred present trusts towards it. APK is simple to download to your device. It is only a 4.9 MB in size. Due to this lightweight, you can easily handle this application using your device. It does not take large space from the internal storage of your device. It hides your media files such as photos and videos from others and keeps it only for yourself. Even you can hide images and video clips that you are downloaded from your favourite web pages using Safe Gallery APK. Managing your media gallery as albums may not be a problem further.

The significant fact about Safe Gallery

The newest version of this APK is 5.5 and you can experience this version of Android mobile devices. However to use Safe Gallery pro in your device you have to have android 4.0 or upward version. According to scores in Google Play Store this application has rated as 3+ score. When we go through installed history Play Store shows millions of downloads of this APK. The newest version has been introduced in February 2018. To download this application you have to search for it in your Google Play Store. Then you have to explore each and every result to find out Safe Gallery Pro APK. It may not difficult to find out this APK. But you have to note that it is not free to download. You should be wise enough to realize that it is worthy thousand more than the few dollars that you have to spend.

Fabulous features of Safe Gallery APK

Features of the Android application include all the features that applied to audio, video and photos. You can browse any we and search for any favourite image, video or audio file. With this APK you are able to keep all the media in a password protected folder. It allows you to maintain safe privacy usage in your device. It is more beneficial if you are the owner of the device that in multi-personal usage. If you are a businessman that should keep your all private memories in your tablet that uses in workstation the Safe Gallery download may be the superior option to keep your private as well as a business life well balanced. You can watch your locked media file in anywhere as long as if you are having a password with you. For strangers, it is not allowed to see your locked media files without proper permission with the correct password.

You can select a password in any way that confidence to you. If you like a short line of numbers you can select PIN with four numbers. If you are like a mixture of numbers and characters you can use a password with specific characters, letters and numbers. And also if you are hating to type anything you have two options to select. First one is a pattern, in here you can draw any pattern that you can easily remember but others can not. The second one is the most unique option for you It is your fingerprint. If you select your password like this no one can at least to give a try.

Facts to remember with Safe Gallery APK

It is easy to use this APK as convenient for you. However, there are a few things that you have to consider and pay attention when you are doing works with Safe Gallery. The most important thing is you have to be careful before deleting unlocked photos, videos and audio files. If you do so there is a high risk to permanent loss of our media. In an accident, if it happens so you can recover it by visiting setting and selecting “lock” option. In there what do want to do is just tap on recovery tab. The other thing is if you reinstall Safe Gallery APK there is a risk to lose your media files. Some of the applications that works for cleaning your device may act to delete your media file, therefore, re, you have to concern more if you are using an APK like that.

Final thoughts

Safe Gallery is a most important APK in today’s modern world. The original authors of this application have done a great service to the society to keep their private media files in a secure place. If you got a decision to download this APK by spending a few dollars it will serve you more than you deserve. Now to keep your memories with you to memories later in life you can review your media files without any doubt about releasing it for third parties. Just have a try with Safe gallery APK download through Google Play store and experience your funny moments without any risk of the third parties.

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