Key Community Values and Organisational Philosophy of Cricket Australia

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Table of Contents

  • Key Сommunity Values and Organisational Philosophy
  • Community Profile
  • Review Existing Provisions
    Determination of Needs
    Development Proposal
  • Conclusion

Australia plays an important role in promoting cricket. It has a significant place in the cricket field. Community and organisational values are identified in developing cricket in country. Inventory for sports event or facility services are being reviewed. Determining the needs faced by cricket community or organisation.

Key Сommunity Values and Organisational Philosophy

Community values and organisational philosophy are the guiding principles that are required in about the way in organisation and community work.

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Below given are some core values of community and of Cricket Australia:

Equity: Equity as community and organisational key value promotes equality in cricket as well as in the society. All are been given equal chance to show them in society and in cricket.

Participation: Every person should participate for developing community and in cricket participate for winning the match.

Integration: Integration helps to live according to the values, recognise and teaching the values of the community and Cricket organisation. This helps to train players in the team and helps to determine behaviour and measure their performance.

Culture: Cultural values of community promote various cultures in country and cricket as people from different cultures participate and watch matches.

Quality: One of the main communities and organisational values are providing quality of services and performance in society as well as in cricket. This makes a quality society and players.

Flexibility: Flexibility as community and organisational value helps the community to adopt changes that would occur in the country and helps the cricket team for change their strategies and plans according to situations.

Community Profile

In Australian culture cricket has an important place. With over 1.2 million participants, cricket is one of the most popular sports in Australia. To become Australia's favourite sport is the vision of Cricket Australia. The game needs to be relevant, affordable and inclusive for achieving the vision and for reflecting Australia's cultural diversity and attract new players and fans for the game. By making it a sport of all Australians, with constant changes in the society, it becomes important that it welcomes everyone. Australia has a multi cultured society as one of the four Australians are born overseas and around half population have at least one foreign born parent. As a top sport played across every nation, cricket inspire and attracts people of all age, sex, ability and culture and joins continents, countries, together under cricket spirit. For attract more members from Australia's diverse population welcoming environment is created by clubs and associations. Improve access to wide range of non-traditional participants, like indigenous communities, non-English speakers, women, disabled peoples by Australian cricket. They support disability teams in competing at an international level, tournament for indigenous Australians like National indigenous cricket championship.

Review Existing Provisions

Inventory in crickets are all the facilities or equipment’s that are used in a cricket tournament. Inventory management in cricket is essential for maintaining the stock of equipment’s used in cricket such as bats, balls, stumps, etc. Australian cricket has to maintain its inventories regularly as daily matches are been conducted whether it is international or national or junior tournament. Cricket organisation has to maintain the inventory of balls and bats and other essential gears like helmets, gloves, etc. They should do regular accounting for managing inventories in the club or organisation. Cricket Australia also have to check for the seating arrangements for audiences and fans, have to sell tickets for which they have to estimate the number of viewers and spectators and accordingly have to print tickets. The pitch and ground are also inventory of the cricket organization, they have to maintain the pitch and the ground of the stadiums, and also have to ensure that every light is properly functioning during the game.

Determination of Needs

Determining needs is most important step in making plans for a facility. It is required for planning for making a cricket tournament successful and for identifying the need of the community or organisation. Need determination is needed for considering issues in the sport, changing role of sports, to access the opportunity in the sports, for making sustainability strategies. To avoid unnecessary duplication of any facility or activities it is important for determining the needs of event by the cricket community.

The main need for the cricket community is of financial resources that have been required for the smooth functioning of cricket sports events. Without the finance or money, the community can't achieve its targets and goals. The next need for the cricket community is of having talented and young players for playing the tournament. They also require trainers and coaches for training the players and developing their skills. They are required for developing the teams and players and to bring out their talents from within them. There is a need for professional umpires who would look for the matches are been conducted according to the rules and laws of the crickets. They need workers for helping the authorities in the cricket for smooth functioning of the event.

Development Proposal

For developing a sport event concept in line with the above needs analysis. The Cricket organisation has to make various strategies regarding the various needs of Australian cricket association. They have to make funding plans for making the budgets for the organisation and for the smooth functioning of the tournament. They have to make various promotional strategies for attracting young and talented players for joining the team and give their best for showing their talent for the country in national as well as international level. New appointment of trainers and coaches is to be done for the training and development of the players. Australian cricket association has to appoint experienced coaches to train their young, skill full players and to bring out their talent and skills. Appointments of professional umpires are also been required to be done by Australian cricket association for the regulation of rules within the tournament. Employees for the groundwork are required for performing various tasks in the ground like collecting ball, cleaning pitch, providing drinks and refreshments to the players, etc.


From this report we get to know about the various key community and organisational values followed by the Cricket Australia. Australia being a culturally diverse country it promotes their citizens to promote and participate in cricket. Australia cricket vision is to making cricket as the main sport in the country. There are certain needs that are faced by the cricket community or organisation and must develop a concept for determining the needs of the cricket community.

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