Poor Children Health Care Issue in Rwandan

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Health care is the most basic thing that not only the Rwandan population needs but the whole world at large. In my country there are kids facing malnutrition which is caused by poverty and not being able to buy the required foods for growth and a balanced diet. Moreover, not only the kids but also there is a widespread of hepatitis, mostly hepatitis C. The most common way to get hepatitis C is by sharing needles and other equipment such as cotton, spoons, and water used to inject illegal drugs.

Most of my country’s citizens are not aware of the danger of these diseases and tend to ignore its consequences. To achieve a better and lasting solutions about these issues the citizens must first be aware of the dangers of these strong diseases and attend the programs established by the government to make an end to it all.

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Poor parents with children between the age of 3-6 years, their children commonly have malnutrition problems due to poor feeding, sometimes which is associated with uncleanliness and makes it worse. Malnutrition results from a poor diet or a lack of food. It happens when the intake of nutrients or energy is too high, too low, or poorly balanced. This commonly occurs in rural areas where the ignorance of people is at a high rate.

Moreover, the problem of early pregnancies in the youth especially the young girls between the age of 14-18 years mostly because of poor understanding about their growth and the physical changes. Any young girl should be taught how the changes inside and outside come about and most likely be taken to the doctor for further consultation.

I highly believe that the reason as to why my country faces this big issue concerning health care, is highly because of the citizen’s unawareness of the causes of most diseases and how to solve or diminish its harm to the people. Even though the government of my country is still concerned with these issues and finding solutions to them, it still has a lot to do about the people’s awareness regarding the programs being carried out within the country. This way is the most adequate way to solve the problems regarding health care since awareness creates understanding.

On the other hand, another barrier my country faces to solve health care problems is lack of special machines and specialists to cure the citizens who have such diseases. Due to the fact that my country is a developing country, with time all the requirements and needed specialists will be available since my country is not only a developing country but also a fast developing country. I can assure the change within a short period of time.

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