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Killing Kennedy: the Brief Biography of Kennedy's Policies

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on May 29th 1917 In Brookline, Massachusetts. His father, Joseph Kennedy, was a successful businessman and politician. Joseph was a very influential figure in the Kennedy household. After World War 1 Joseph Sr. began buying chains of movie theaters in New England. Soon after this he began buying and selling movie companies in Hollywood. Joseph Sr. was able to turn a profit from the stock market crash in 1929, and was able to establish trust funds for his children, ensuring each with ten million dollars. In the 1930’s Joseph Sr. was a large donor to the semocratic party, and was an avid supporter of Theodore Roosevlet’s New Deal.

JFK grew up in Brookline, where he and his brother attended the prestigious Noble and Greenough Lower School. While Joseph Sr. was kept busy with his work, he was still able to be a good father. He encouraged them to be ambitious, demanding high grades from both of them. It was understood that JFK and his brother were to compete against each other, however when competing with an outsider, they came together.

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In 1935, JFK graduated from Choate, ranking 64th in a class of 112 students. JFK was frequently sick while attending school, and after deciding to go to Princeton he had short by a bout of jaundice. After taking the spring of 1936 off from school, he decided to enroll in Harvard after all in the fall of the same year. JFK’s political career began in Massachusetts, where his father had numerous contacts, and where a prominent seat in the House of Representatives had just become vacant. He decided on running for the Eleventh District. Aside from Harvard, the Eleventh was a poor district, teeming with Irish and Italian immigrants. Joseph Kennedy, Sr. pulled out all the stops. Using his connections in the newspapers he played up his family’s charitable work.

JFK’s opponents accused him of being a “spoiled carpetbagger” (Spark Notes), relying for votes in a poor and poverty district. However, nobody doubted how much energy and enthusiasm he had. No matter, he made many speeches around the district. JFK easily won the Primary in 1946. And entered congress in 1947 JFK later ran for Senate in 1952. Again, Joseph Sr.’s money, value and connections had an astounding impact. JFK won in Massachusetts and in January 1953, he was sworn in as a U.S. Senator.


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