Kindness – a Thing I Believe in

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Kindness – a Thing I Believe in

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I believe in kindness and how by smiling at someone or saying hello can really cheer someone else's day up, because at the end of the day a kind thing can lead to something nice. We all search for a kind heart, something or someone to make us feel good about ourselves. A kind gesture can simply be just a smile or sharing a smile with someone is always harmless. I also realized from my personal life that sharing kindness with someone always benefits one in the end.

My entire life I've always been anti-social, I've always disliked meeting new people. But at the end of the day, no matter who someone is, or what one does, and no matter what someone says, kindness means the same thing in every language in the world. A kind-hearted feeling that rekindles one's heart, warms you up inside, one that makes your cheeks rise, releasing a simple smile that means the world to someone else. Kindness is meant to be shared, it’s meant to be returned back. We can’t always be kind people, things happen, we sometimes slip and fall into a sadness. However, with the kindness in our souls, we are meant to do awesome things, we must get back up and move on with our lives, even though all the struggles in our lives, we forget what we have gone through and how tough it is, but we never forget what we did to get through them.

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There are so many people in this world I have met or have crossed paths with who have showed me the true power of kindness. The truly awesome personality they have make them seem like they have a great big heart. I have recognized that kindness is meant to show us that people out there in the world are fragile human beings and are meant to be loved. We are all meant to be loved, even though we all have the power to either hurt or love someone. We should choose to love on another and be healers to each other. Kindness helps comfort people and encourages them and strengthens those with us. Kindness is taught in every culture, religion, it’s a way of life. We should all be kind to each other and share that kindness.

Appreciate it and enjoy it, because at the end of the day one should return it back to the heart, because kindness is worth a lot. I’ve experienced a lot of kindness in my life, and I can say from personal experience how it has affected me greatly, and how the people I'm friends with today make me the happiest because of the kindness they show me every day. Even if you’re not friends with someone, even just acquaintances you should still show them kindness. Everyone deserves kindness, no matter Race, Gender, Religion, anything. Everyone has their problems, and we should always be there to try and help them out.

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