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Kindred is a novel written by Octavia E. Butler, an American writer. The novel was published in 1979 and became very popular at the time because it incorporates time travel ... and slave narratives, making it a very unique piece of work. Even though it was published so long ago, the novel is still widely popular, frequently chosen as a text for book organizations and reading programs, as well as a theme essay in schools around the world. Let’s get a bit into the plot. The novel is a first-person account of an African-American female writer named Dana. Dana is being shunted in time between her California home in 1976 and a pre-Civil planter forced into concubinage and slavery. In the book, Dana stays in the past for a significant amount of time, and we can witness her entanglement with the community in the plantation. She has to make tough choices to survive during times of slavery and even harder choices to get back in her time. A Kindred analysis essay offers students an engaging research and a marvelous story to write about. This type of story is rare for the time of the publishing of the book, not only because it includes matters such as time travel, but also because it so openly discusses slavery and racism. The novel explores the dilemmas and dynamics of slavery from the sensibility of black women from the 20th century. Just stop to consider how aware this woman is about the legacy of slavery in the contemporary society, and the changes that happened throughout the years. It sure opens up many interesting essay questions and gives you tons of options for writing your Kindred essay. Whether you need to write an essay or Kindred essay prompts about the issue, you’ll have to decide on the topic for this book. Essay topics about Kindred can include everything from the intersection of genders and power, to race issues, to future egalitarianism. Even though most of the author’s book is science fiction, this novel is considered to cross genre boundaries. Some classify it as African-American literature or a history book about slavery in the past. In some ways, it is because the author has included many real elements of the situation at both time periods. In other ways, it is purely science fiction because of the time travel and some hardly believable situations. One very popular way of approaching this novel and reviewing it is by looking at the characters. Edana Franklin or the writer Dana in the book is the most researched and discussed character. This is a young and compassionate woman and the narrator of the story. She’s married to a white man and forced to travel to a slave plantation owned by her white ancestor Rufus. The challenges she faces and the courage she shows paint an amazing character to write about. It’s not only Dana that students often choose to write about. Many write about Rufus Weyline, the plantation and slave owner and his character, or Edana’s white husband. When you are tasked to review such a popular and rich novel, it’s hard to decide what to write about. The book makes for a hard read, which also means that it will take a long time for you to research and write a great essay. Thankfully, you can source some ideas about this novel from the free essays on this website.
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