Kinds Of Anemia

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Kinds of Anemia: There are different forms of anemia discovered, on a rough estimate above 400 unique forms of anemias are discovered till yet, in which many are harmless and some are really harmful which may lead you to your death bed!!Iron-Deficiency Anemia: This is the most common form, and the target population of this disease is mainly young children and women. A research study conducted in USA which shows shocking results i.e. around 240K children age between 1-2 and almost 3.30K young women of child-bearing age are suffering from this disorder.In this type of anemia patient need outside aid of RBCs in order to survive because survivor’s body is not that much capable of making RBCs as normal person’s body is. Folic Acid Deficiency Anemia.

Folic acid have a noticeable role in production of RBCs, it is also a pre-cursor of an Iron.This form starts to appear when you’re not taking sufficient amount of folic acid in his/her diet as per daily recommendations, or sometimes body loses its capability to properly utilize folic acid taken via food source due to any underlying condition.Vitamin B12 Deficiency Anemia. It is a part of vitamin-B-Complex, and its mark-able role is in production of RBCs just like folic acid.There are number of sources from which we can fulfill our daily requirement, such as green veges, meat and many more.few alarming symptoms on initial stage of deficiency started to appear which many of us usually ignore, such as feeling of tiredness, fatigue, lethargy, bad taste, swelling of tongue etc.Hemolytic Anemia. As the name indicates Hemo i.e. Blood, lysis i.e. Breakdown, breakdown of RBCs due to any underlying condition or any disorder and thus our body deprived of oxygen due to having no carrier to be transported!!Thalassemias.

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This form is the major issue which can transfer in generations!! Survivor’s anemia body is not able to manufacture its own RBCs and thus to live survivor have two options, i.e. either he/she transfusion of blood for the rest of his/her life or a bone marrow transplant to correct this inability, but unfortunately these solutions are very costly and not everyone can afford these.Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemias. Immune system is our guard system which protect our sensitive body organs from major damaging potentially caused by foreign bodies such as bacteria, virus and protozoa etc.Sometimes our immune system’s balance become out and it started to act like abnormal and started to damage part of its own system i.e. RBCs.Sickle Cell Anemia. As name indicates, sufficient amount of RBCs as per body requirement is present but unfortunately that enough amount is not capable to do its assign task i.e. to carry oxygen because of disability found in its structure because of which less oxygen supplied to our system which in turns, create loads of other problems.


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