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This report will analyze business communication issues in Koala Corp. This report will be comprising with four different stakeholders which are the Chief Executive Officer, Sales Director, Sales Manager and the New-comer. Some of theoretical concepts relating with the case study will be discussed. This report will be commenced with introduction as the first section. Next, a brief explanation of related issues and theoretical concepts will be examined in the second section starting with the first stakeholder and followed by the other three stakeholders. The conclusion will be on the third section and followed by some recommendations as the last section.

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This report will be discussed on any business communication theories and issues that are related with the case study, Koala Corp. As a way to combat identified issued, a set of recommendation will be applied. Most of the sources and references cited came for the course material and from the academics.


CEO Mr. Clooney

Managerial Issues

George Charles has brought some issues to his managers when he would prefer to work with individuals that share the same background. His behavior is suited with the Immediacy Principle. This attitude can put bias to other colleagues as they could feel insecure about their position. Besides, George’s behavior by keeping the distance and sit at the end of the table during the meeting is related with the Proxemics-Expectancy Violations Theory. This theory stated that a person that is influenced by status or gender will put distance from others. This issue leads to the internal locus of control when George felt that he has more power over his career. It can be seen when George felt assertive due to his achievement to increase company’s profit. People with an internal locus of control will feel more dominant as they are able to control events and its outcomes. As George managed to increase the company’s profit, he tends to become more proactive. This matter is related to the High Social Accountability. A person with high social accountability will becoming more value driven to achieve goals. George became more concern about getting profit without hearing any ideas from fellow managers. Therefore, George is considered to have higher masculinity as he is more competitive. According to Hofstede (2011), masculinity defines that a person views work as a competition and push aside any distracting ideas. It can be seen when George has made his points clear to his employees that he will not deal with any “fools”. His management style of work is more Authoritarian style as he only emphasizes one-way of communication with his managers. It can be seen when he did not like his order being questioned by them.

Ethical Issues

Furthermore, George had portraying bad behaviors to employees by showing his non-verbal actions during the meeting. According to , George’s attitude by leaning backward and placing his hands behind his head are related with the “High Power” body language. Based on, these body languages give the impression of high status to employees. George’s body language had caused managers to feel afraid to speak up and raised an ethical dilemma to fellow managers. Managers feel the dilemma to speak up and be honest to their employer’s idea even if they did not approve. Other than that, George disrespectful behavior came in when he did not respect his own Sales Director and embarrassed her in front of the Board of Directors. This situation relates to the Ethical Relativism perspective. This perspective defines that people should have a sense of respect to other culture. Unfortunately, George has becoming more individualistic when he was ignoring the importance of having a good bond with his employees and did not has in depth knowledge about why Asian culture. Beyond that, by claiming himself as an assertive person and always said anything without considering other peoples’ feelings, George’s behavior s are related with the Low Context perspective. It is said that a person with a low context perspective tend to be more direct and explicit in conveying opinions. Based on the case study, George was unaware of disapproving responses by his employees as they thought that what had been spoken by George was quite insulting. This issue is related with the first stage of Intercultural Competence/Intelligence which is the Unconscious Incompetence. This concept assuming that an individual culture, values and belief are similar with other culture.

Personality traits

As a Caucasian, George expressed his personality by dressing up the American Cowboy attire instead of wearing a corporate suit. This element is related to the Artefacts (Objectives). A person that wears his traditional customs such as hats or clothing could give some cultural significance to the company.

Sales Director, Ying Mei

Cultural Issue

Ying Mei has brought different approaches into the company as she originally came from China. Ying Mei is known as a family-oriented person, has put family first above everything. This matter related to the Collectivism perspective. Collectivism is defined when the groups’ need is put ahead of individual needs. For instance, Ying Mei decided to care for her father due to as well as to reduce the burdensome of her mother. Her action has caused the CEO to become concern about the company’s sales and held her fully responsible for it. Moreover, a collectivist also puts more care in one particular group. It can be seen when Ying Mei advised her colleagues to do their duty in a rightful manner. Besides, the collectivist culture can be seen when Ying Mei wanted to preserve the harmony with her employer by giving a red envelope as a gift yet, her intention was being misunderstood as a bribe. Along with that, the intention of giving the red envelope also related with the Uncertainty Reduction Theory. This theory is relevant to the Interpersonal Communication as it defines a person to reduce uncertainty and focus on the future relationship.

Cross Cultural Business Process

Ying Mei has implemented an Asian approach in decision making process. Long -term orientation has been used by the Asian executives to determine values in a workplace. It is shown when Ying Mei insisted her managers to participate during the meeting. Ying Mei also has developed a Polychronic Culture. A Polychronic Culture favors its people to run communication concurrently and it is necessary for people to interrupt during the meeting. This culture enhances the effectiveness of the team communication as its leader embraces different viewpoints. However, this matter raises a high concern from George as he thought that time is limited, and she should not spend much time in forming a new sales team.

Sales Manager, Shannon Nolen

Persuasive and Ethical Issues

Shannon was able to develop a persuasive strategy as he has the ability to make clients satisfy with the product. It shows when he suited all strategies in Monroe’s 5 Step Persuasive Strategy by grabbing people attention and put a good impression on customers. However, issues have arisen when he used variety of communication styles such as animated and dramatic. Some colleagues thought that his communication style by using metaphors and include a lot of hand gestures were meant to be exaggerating.

The New Comer, Charlie Younger

Ethical Issues

Charlie Younger’s attitude in always late to work is related to a Polychronic Culture as he thought that arriving late to work is acceptable. Furthermore, as an Indigenous Australian background, his behavior is falls under Collectivism perspective. The culture of Indigenous did not evolved between working and living condition. Additionally, Charlie also put a high value of thrift when he declined an invitation from colleagues for any occasions after work. This issue is related with the Restraint theory.


To conclude, working in a company that has different cultures can give a good working experience. Based on the issues that have been identified, all stakeholders are responsible to preserve harmony in a working environment as it ensures goals alignment between company and stakeholders.


Koala Corp has to undergo a culture training program, focused on other cultural beliefs and values. This training program should be done once a week.

George Charles need to execute a working program experience to Asian people to work at the company for at least three months.

Koala Corp’s senior management team should do a discussion forum or sharing session with employees once a week. The forum should be discussed about any ideas or any new ways to develop a good business plan.

Ying Mei should be the whistle blower in a company and she must be given the mandate to advise other directors about any issue that concern for her. The whistle blower announcement should be done once per month.

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