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Kohlberg’s Model Analysis In The Case Of Harold

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Once in a while throughout everyday life, we are looked with the predicament of regardless of whether to accomplish something apparently terrible under typical conditions, keeping in mind the end goal to rescue a critical circumstance, and re-establish inspiration and request. The majority of these circumstances, we put it all on the line, and confer the not all that wonderful demonstration, thinking that the goal behind, and expected result of such an activity is certain, and includes great confidence. This is the piece of the premises of morals and ethical quality, where the idea of Harold’s issue comes into the scene.


Harold who was found to be HIV Positive wants you to be keep that results as secret. Health Care professional can aware that he has sexual relationship with a doctor. The healthcare professional want her colleague and revealed this to Harold but he insisted to keep this as a secret and warned about the legal action it happened. In this scenario what should the health care professional do? This can be viewed in different perspective as per Kohlberg’s model Analysis.

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Preconvention level

Stage #1 – Obedience and Punishment

If the health care professional reveals this to her friend he might face legal action and it will be against her medical code of ethics. In this stage he will obey the law to avoid the punishment.

Stage #2 – Self Interest Orientation

In this event health care worker aims to protect her a colleague rather than thinking about the farther consequences. This is about narcissistic needs. In the event that Heinz feels that sparing his better half’s life would make him upbeat, regardless of whether he needs to serve the jail term for it, at that point he would not see anything amiss with taking the medication. Then again, Heinz would not take the pharmaceutical, as moping in jail may appear a significantly more nerve-racking background than grieving not without a battle to the death.

Conventional level

Stage #3 – Interpersonal Accord and Conformity

This stage deals with choosing between behaving in conformity with personal or social standards of ethics and morality. If she reveals this information to her friend she can save her friend and she will be great full and consider her as a good friend. However the community where she works will views this as a professional misconduct.

Stage #4 – Law and Social Order

That is approximately acting with full understanding of the legal results of ones moves. Health care professional can either obey the law or not reveal, or he may reveal and acknowledge the discipline as endorsed by law for the same, independent of any related goals

Post conventional level

Stage #5 – Right to Life and Compensation

At this level of morality Harold interest should be taken in to consideration. Being a human being, he has the choice for his life. Medical condition should not to be a limitation. On the other hand his partner has the right to know about his condition as she is involved with him and this has an implication in her life as well.

Stage #6 – Universal Principles of Human Ethics

This stage argues the validity of a human life above the code of ethics and all the rules regarding information privacy and protection. On contrary it also argues the sex partner has also some privileges to be protected.


The above illustrations demonstrate to us that each coin has two sides, and each choice or game-plan has two methodologies. Which choice you decide on depends as much upon the ethical open door cost that is brought about, by previous the results that would have emerged, had the elective approach been taken relying on the gravity of the current circumstance. In all the above discussed stages the perspective of Harold as well as the health care professional. Right now, issues such as depression, anger, and denial are affecting Harold’s situation.

Taking an HIV test and receiving a positive result has the potential to be a traumatic experience. Our plan includes discussion with Harold to ensure that we are empathetic to the complexities of keeping his diagnosis a secret. We would ask him to clarify his expectations for us and even explore some ideas he may have for how we can help him. Acknowledging our concern for his partner and other, along with creating a plan for how Harold can communicate his diagnosis with his partner is important consideration. Knowing if he has communicated his HIV diagnosis with his sexual partner and how his disclosure affected his relationships could help us create a plan. Opening dialogue regarding the potential of communicating with his doctor helps the counsellor include the client in the process, hopefully resulting in a signed release form.

Ultimately, our goal is to help Harold deal with any anxiety or depression he is experiencing, including the possibility of creating a danger plan. Having reached a decision, we would make sure that we discuss it with our supervisor and document the decision of sharing the information along with our rationale.


This case study involved complexities regarding a client with a communicable disease disclosing his unwillingness to share his diagnosis with potential affected third parties. Over the past few decades, there have been substantial medical and scientific advances that have significantly changed our understanding of HIV/AIDS. Education related to understanding prevention and transmission has not only decreased the number of new HIV cases, but also has helped the public come to a better understanding of the disease.


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