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Kohler Memoirs Toilet


Choosing the correct bathroom fixtures that fit into the house décor is never easy. There are many options available and all are trying to lure new clients. For the toilet, there are two mandatory factors to go for, the quality and price. Whenever you are looking for bathroom fixtures, you bet the name Kohler comes to mind. The Kohler brand is commonly associated with quality and elegance. The market is flooded with reviews. Nonetheless, a Kohler memoirs toilet review will suit you if you are looking for a vintage theme with an elegant design. While most people love an elegant design toilet that fits into their bathroom décor, the functionality matters.

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Key features

  • Material and design The two-piece design toilet features a bowl and tank. It further has an elongated bowl for enhanced comfort to both men and women of whichever size. Like other kohled toilets, Kohler memoirs toilet has a comfortable height that makes it easy to stand and sit. Its clear and detailed lines enhance its architectural design. The canister is durable with rounded edges for easy cleaning. Moreover, it has an effective seal that reduces the possibility of leakages. The seal is durable because it’s never exposed to the tank water. Its bowl’s front is rounded making it easy to fit in a little space. Needless to say, the toilet is ADA compliant. To avoid the effects of temperature like the high humidity, its cistern has a lining.
  • Flushing technology The Kohler memoir toilet uses the class five flushing technology (the bulk flushing system). This is a powerful system of flushing that uses less amount of water yet working effectively. You only need to flush it once. The flushing system uses the strong syphon to flush off the waste. Furthermore, it has a large flush valve which paves way for a quick release of waste. In order to maintain the cleanliness of the toilet, the bowl releases the water from all sides. its trapway is 2 1/8 inches large to allow for quick passage of waste.
  • Water consumption This toilet like other kohled toilets uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush. Note that, the recommended amount is 1.6 gallons. Consequently, the reduced amount of water is reflected on your utility bills. The toilet system is approved by EPA water sense certification. This proves that you don’t have to worry even though the amount of water used is reduced, the flush is powerful enough. Memoirs toilet is eco-friendly because you preserve the most vital resource in the world. In fact, to further save water, trip your leaver for half flushing when flushing urine.
  • Quality The toilet is made using vitreous enamel material. For the perfect finishing, the toilet comes in 6 other colors aside from the usual white. It also has an AquaPiston conventional valve to aid its flush instead of the regular flappers. The toilet is like a normal chair which allows men of whichever height to comfortably use it while standing. With the high pressure and low volume of water the toilet creates a powerful flush system. This flushes out all the waste while creating a strong syphon to remove all the heavy loads. While it’s price its above average, the quality and design are worth the price. Things we like
  • It features a traditional and elegant design. This design will suit most of your bathrooms. It also has a sturdy construction which increases its shelf life.
  • Its major benefit is the use of lesser gallons of water. This means that the water bill is reduced while also saving the planet.
  • Its power flush makes it easy to clean and maintain. There is a reduced need for maintenance because clogging is uncommon.
  • It has a comfortable height that may be used by people of all ages. Sitting and standing is easy with this toilet.
  • Its elongated bowl further enhances the comfort. The canister is leak-proof because it’s seal protected.
  • Its class five flushing technology is one of a kind. The flushing technology in collaboration with the AquaPiston canister gives it a powerful flush. Instead of using a lot of water, the power flushing cleanses the bowl while flushing out the waste.
  • It has a standard left-hand lever that works with a single flush. Furthermore, it’s easy to use even for little children. Things we don’t like There are really not many negative aspects of this toilet except those that you may overlook or work on.
  • You have to buy the seat and supply line because they are not included in the package. This increases the price.
  • The toilet flapper is weak and mostly lasts less than a year.
  • It’s expensive as a package yet you have to buy other items like a seat to complete it.
  • Some customers complain that it flushes louder than standard toilets. This is a result of the AquaPiston cistern pressure.
  • Some people complain that it doesn’t flush well. Always ensure your cistern water level is reached and then give it a nice single power flush. FAQs How to install the kohled memoir The manufacturers say that with a little plumbing knowledge, you can install the toilet. The toilet is easy to mount on the floor since they are lightweight. The toilet comes with a 3 pre-installed tank bolts.
  • Make sure the floor where you need to place the toilet is levelled.
  • Install the T-bolts and new wax rings while removing the rag if your waste flange is plugged.
  • Apply its weight evenly and don’t move it after the placement to avoid watertight seal breakage.
  • Install the washers and nuts while making sure it’s not overtightened.
  • At this point, if you need to, cut the T-bolt before installing its cap.
  • Tighten the tank bolts evenly and adjust them to level the tank.
  • Go ahead and connect your water supply then turn on the water. To check it, flush it severally as you check whether there are leaks.
  • Adjust the water level if you need to.
  • Install its seat and tank lid and you are ready to use your toilet. For more info on this and guiding images check this link The Kohler memoir toilet problems
  • Some people say that it has a high-water line This makes it not appropriate for tall or older people. When you sit on it, your private parts may touch the waterline which makes it uncomfortable. The best solution is to buy a higher seat.
  • The fact that it’s not a whole piece makes it unattractive. Most people complain that you need to buy a seat and lid aside which makes you dig into your pocket again. Aside from that, you need to order other parts to fix it. If you love the brand and don’t mind spending some few extra shillings then go buy the seat and parts.
  • There are a number of complaints about receiving broken pieces of the toilet. This is something that should be solved by the kohled packaging team as well as Amazon. What is the dimension and rough-in? It has a dimension of 18.88× 28.38× 31.13 inches and a standard rough-in of 12 inches. What is included in the package? You get a bowl and a tank when you order the toilet. Not the seat which you may purchase aside. Most seats will fit toilet’s standard design.


After a thorough research, the memoir toilet is worth the price if you are looking for long-term benefits. Moreover, all the features you would expect a toilet of this price range to have are available. Remember, you will have an outstanding design toilet for your bathroom. If you plan to create a classic traditional theme for your bathroom, this will be your best bet. the powerful flushing technology will further save you a lot of money in the long run. Note, every product you check will always have some critical review. Take your time to overlook some reviews but go for the good aspects of the toilet. Meta description Reading this detailed Kohler memoirs toilet review showed you how classic it is. From its traditional design that will suit your bathroom to a water saving flush system and sturdy construction. This toilet will be your savior from constant maintenance costs.

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