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The Korean War is a very cool and interesting memorial with a bunch of history behind it and here’s why. First of all it has a bunch of crazy and interesting features to it. It also has a bunch of battles and countries that contributed to a war. The memorial honors all the veterans and countries that contributed to the war as well as all of the forces that contributed.

First of all the monument is located on a 2.2 acre piece of land and is southwest of the Lincoln memorial. It was appointed to be built by Ronald Reagan in 1986 and was dedicated by Bill Clinton in 1995. The memorial took about nine years to build. The memorial consists of a bunch of different parts, there is the statues, the mural wall and the wall of remembrance. The Statues were sculpted by Frank G of Barre and the Statues were sculpted by Louis Nelson. The statues are about seven feet tall and are made of stainless steel. The mural wall is 164 feet long andis made of black granite.

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At the pool of remembrance the quote freedom is not free is right in the front. No one is quite sure who said this first but it is used to honor and thank our military services. This project also faces a few obstacles, the memorial was originally going to be designed by Pennsylvania State University but they ended up changing the design during the approval state. The team ended up filing some lawsuit and lost it and got removed from the project. The memorial ended up being designed and slightly modified by Cooper-Lecky-Projects.

This memorial also has a bunch of amazing history behind it. The Korean war lasted three years and had twenty-two nations contribute to it. It started on June 25,1950. It started because the North Korean army invaded South Korea. The North Korean was a communist place and South Korea wasn’t. On July 27th, 1950 the US joined South Korea. On January 4, 1951 the North Korean forces had recaptured Seoul. One big battle was the Battle of Imjin River from April 22-25 1952. This was when the The next major battle of the war was the Battle of Bloody Ridge. This battle was from august 18, 1951, this was a very bloody war with over 10,000 casualties on each side of the battle. The next major battle was the Battle of Hill Eerie. This battle was in 1952 and over 25,000 of the Chinese Army soldiers were either killed or wounded. By May 1953 China wanted to take land again but the US forces United Nations forces and Britain stopped them. This was the Battle of Hook and it lasted from may 28-29. A short time later on July 27, 1953 The Korean War ended.

This Memorial honors all of the forces that fought in the korean war as well as all of the countries that contributed. The memorial also honors nurses canine forces as well as the coast guard. the Some historians say it shaped the world we live in today. If the korean war had not happened North and South Korea might just be one big Korea. There also might not be the big North Korea conflict with the rest of the world.

This memorial also has a bunch of really cool features. The statues and the wall have the most little things that are very interesting. No matter where you stand one of the statues is looking at you. It is also impossible to see all of the statues at the same time since some are hidden in the trees. Each of the statues are about seven feet tall and each represent a different part of the military. There are fourteen Army, three Marine, one Navy and one Air Force statue. Some people believe that each of the statues also represents a different race. People believe that there are fourteen caucasian, three african american, two hispanics, one oriental and one native american statue. The statues also wear ponchos to resemble the windy weather of korea. The statues also stand in juniper bushes to represent the rice paddies of korea and its unforgiving terrain.

The mural wall and pool of remembrance also have a bunch of cool hidden features. The mural wall creates a total image of thirty-eight statues, symbolic of the thirty-eighth parallel and the thirty-eight months of the war. If the wall is viewed from far away it looks like the korean mountains. On the mural wall there are also pictures of nurses, canine corps, as well as all of the military forces. On the left side of the wall it also shows all of the twenty-two nations that contributed to the war. The pool of remembrance also has a peninsula like feature like the korean peninsula. The pool also has the numbers of soldiers killed in action, wounded in action, and missing in action.

This memorial was appointed by Ronald Reagan and dedicated by bill clinton. The memorial has a bunch of crazy history behind it and a bunch of hidden features all over the memorial. All three parts of the memorial have a lot of meaning and they are all different and unique.

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